A PromiseMature

“Why did you do it?”

“I… lost myself to anger.”

Kanere sat beside Sish, looking as pretty as ever, yet still fragile. It was a trait he loved, though. He had thought that her fragile body would be a reason to keep her close. Back then, he had no idea what love or romance was, but he knew Kanere was someone he held dear, moreso than his other friends, even.

“Well,” Kanere said, forcing a smile on her face, “I probably would do the same if I were in your shoes, Sish.” Sish felt his heart leap. Had he really been forgiven? “But, you have to promise me you won’t kill anybody else, OK?”

Sish started to nod, but stopped. “Kanere, there is one more person I have to kill,” he said, making Kanere look worried, “and then I can promise you this.”

Instead of her arguing, she simply asked who. Sish smiled brightly at that.

“The man who is the cause of our sadness, Kanere,” SIsh said, feeling happy at the thought. His guilt was replaced. He knew that his last victim would deserve it. “Jim Randus.”

To Sish’s surprise, Kanere smacked him across the face. Sish turned to demand an answer, but saw tears in his friend’s eyes. What… had happened to her?

“He is not to blame, Sish,” Kanere said slowly, her arms crossing in an attempt to comfort herself.

Sish knew he should ask her what she knew, or even why she was crying, but he couldn’t. Rage replaced the happiness he had from seeing Kanere. How dare she, of all people, defend that damnable man! Sish stood and stomped away, resisting the urge to hit something. No doubt it would only worsen the situation.

“How is he not the fault, Kanere!? Did you not witness what happened? What he made the officers do!?” Sosh rounded on her, no longer caring that she cried. Those tears were unfounded anyway! “Thomat was still breathing! So was Garyd and Bolen! They might have been saved if that damnable stiff didn’t kill them!?”

Kanere, still crying, stood and faced Sish. That was something else he wasn’t used to. “You are the one who doesn’t understand!” she yelled back, now looking angry as well, “If you had seen him….” Her voice faltered.

Sish felt his anger recede and confusion entered his mind. Surely Kanere wouldn’t lie? But… Sish’s eyes hadn’t lied either. “Kanere…” he tried to touch her shoulder, but she pulled away. “I can’t forgive him, but I will hear him out if he wants to explain.”

Kanere looked up, a hopefulness about her, then nodded.

“But, I still will interrogate him about the Lost God. I need to find him…”


Sish shook his head. There were too many reasons. The first was the desire he had. He couldn’t explain it, but Sish knew if he found the Lost God, he could find true happiness. The second reason was Grave. He couldn’t refuse the man, though Sish never planned to fight in a war for him. And many more reasons piled onto those.

“All I know is that is what I must do, Kanere,” he said sadly. Somehow, Kanere was able to control Sish’s anger. “Are you going to come with me?”

Kanere looked conflicted, but eventually shook her head, her black hair waving as she did. Even with all the conflict, Sish could not become angry with her again. “I have a home here, and you do not. Maybe after everything settles…”

Sish nodded. “I won’t kill Randus unless I find that he is truly guilty. That’s all I can promise.”

Kanere nodded again. “There is a path down the wall that leads outside. It was created as an emergency escape but a few of the maids like to meet lovers after hours, so no one will guess you would use it.”

Sish smiled grimly. “Have you ever used it?”

Kanere gave him a sly smile, yet a true one. It made his own turn brighter. “No,” she said, “But I have had plenty of men try to get me to.”

“Stay away from Fetona men, they like to cheat.” Sish winked before turning. “Besides, I plan to steal you away after a while.”

With that, Sish left her behind that shack. There was no possible way he could take her away. Now he just needed to wait until nightfall and talk to Jim Randus. Maybe the man was innocent, but SIsh hoped not. He wanted revenge, even if it was wrong. Had he not promised Kanere, the damnable stiff would be tortured this night.

The End

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