The Cruel Lord Fears AngerMature

Jim Randus stared at the small dark figure in rough clothing squatting on one of the ledges of his house. How quaint. He had been so angry earlier at that officer that he had nearly forgotten an important fact: The fifteenth Herald was searching for the Lost God. Who better to ask than one of the most powerful Divines in Fetona – Jim himself.

“Hello there, Fifteenth,” Jim said slowly, his confident smile never fading. The figure didn’t move at first. He was probably afraid of Jim, like most were and would continue to be. Fear was a powerful tool.

Then the figure attacked.

He started by running down the ledge, then jumped down onto the balcony just in front of Jim. He was a simpleton, really. Who charged a man who they knew nothing about? Jim grabbed the Fifteenth’s pants and threw him into the large room that was Jim’s waiting room. It was large, so he feared not messing up the furnishings much.

Now that the Fifteenth was in the light of the room, Jim could get a good look at him. He knew from the reports that this was a boy of about eighteen and had the looks of a madman, but this figure looked to be a figure of rage rather than madness. The Fifteenth had ragged clothing covered by a dull cloak of brown wool and his hair was messy, but shoved back as if an attempt to be civil. It failed, of course.

“So, do what do I owe the honor of the Fifteenth in my house,” Jim said smugly, walking into the room and watching the boy warily.

Instead of attacking, like Jim expected, he simply rubbed his hair back and forced his anger down. How mature for a ‘murderous madman.’ The reports were clearly exaggerated.  How sad. Was his name correct, then? Sih, or something?

Then, the Fifteenth spoke. “My name is Sish, stupid stiff,” he growled, “Tell me what I want to know before I lose my temper again!” Well, he was quite quick to get to the point. Jim shook his head three times, a signal to the dozens of officers outside the room who waited. He took no chances, but this was one he needed. It was the Fifteenth! The one who controlled him controlled the fate of Jana! Jim smiled inwardly.

“What is it you wish to know?”

The Fifteenth seemed surprised, but angrier as well. “Where is Kanere!?” he shouted, his anger spiking. Such a temper.

But, Jim didn’t think about it. Kanere? Who was… wait, the serving girl? Why did the Fifteenth want her? Perhaps he spotted her and grew attached? She was a pretty girl, though nothing compared to Kara, Jim’s own lover and a Herald to boot.

“What do you want with her?” Jim asked, “I mean, I have seen many girls better looking if you are just-“

Jim barely dodged as a chair was thrown at his head. Well then, that was not unexpected. The boy seemed on the edge, now, if he had not been before, but he did not attack again. He seemed to be waiting. No, not waiting, more like listening. Abyssals Cycle! He had noticed the officers?

Wait, no. Jim needed to calm down. He hadn’t noticed just yet. Kanere wasn’t important compared to this man. “She is a serving girl here, you see. I don’t know how you know here, but I rescued her and offered the position to her. I did not kidnap her like other Divines do.”

Jim had thought the words would satisfy the Fifteenth and possibly make a conversation possible, but it did the exact opposite. The boy started howling and throwing everything in the room at Jim. Radiant God above, it was hard to dodge. Quite a few times he had to use his own Will to pluck things out of the air, but he let everything fly out the window behind him. Better to make the Fifteenth run out of things to throw. What had made him angry though?

“Please, Fifteenth,” Jim said slowly after the last chair flew out the window. So much for a waiting room. “I simply want to talk. What has made you angry?”

The Fifteenth eyed him, a rage filling his gaze that Jim had never seen before. This was truly a being consumed by anger right now. Jim felt that this boy wanted something from him, else he would make a serious attempt to kill. Did he want Kanere, though? Or something more..?

“You stole her and killed the others!” the Fifteenth yelled, “Why didn’t you rescue us all, instead of killing them!?”

Jim was taken aback. How could he know about…. Wait. The small child in the pool of blood. They had thought him dead back then, so they left him there. He had been alive? Yes… the Fifteenth and that boy looked identical. Curse this perfect memory. Jim always remembered the bloody scenes of his life.

“You have to understand!” Jim said, trying to reason. For some reason the Fifteenth put him off. He actually felt frantic, a thing unknown to the harsh and cold Jim Randus. How did he do it?

That was it though, Jim felt his body freeze and leave the floor. A sense of dread permeated throughout his body. Officers rushed into the room at the same instance, realizing it was too far to stay back like Jim had commanded. They didn’t attack, though, no doubt waiting for Jim to be released. Fools!

The Fifteenth didn’t even look at them. “I give you one more night! I want you to bring Kanere here with some belongings! I am taking her. I have questions for you and then I will take your damnable life. Don’t run. It’s useless anyway.”

With that, Jim fell to the floor, fear consuming him, and watched as the Fifteenth escaped with ease. The officers rushed to follow, but it was useless.

What had Jim Randus gotten himself into?

The End

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