Cruel Smile of the DivineMature

Sish walked along the rooftops of the Divine Jim Randus, feeling as if he would spill his guts any moment. The mid-section of Fetona, also called the Divine Section. Sish could take the outer section’s evil, and could even stand the Line, but the Divine section made him physically sick. It was the nest where all the evil of Fetona was born. These Divines thought they were superior just because they had been born with a more powerful Will. Damnable stiffs were all they were.

Jim Randus’ building was massive even for a Divine structure. Of course, the man was one of the richest Divines and cruel to boot. Of course he had a large manor. It had four great spires that each connected with a large wall. Sish had crossed it easily and used his Will to make a bridge of twigs to the main building. It looked almost like a cathedral, with statues of the Trinity Gods and even some of the Deserters of legend. A man like Jim would want others to see him as greatness. Sish knew it from experience.

A memory flooded into his mind just then.

“Sish!” Thomat called, bringing Sish’s attention to the larger boy. He and the others – Garyd, Bolen, and Kanere – had been waiting while Thomat went to grab food. It was always like this, since Thomat was the only one large enough to defend himself from thieves. Sish was lucky to have him as a friend.

Together, the four of them sat down and started in on the deer meat and fruits that Thomat had brought. It was really good and Thomat had been doing work so we had a good bit of extras, including buffalo and rabbit. Sish was happy they got such delicacies, as it was usually just nasty old vegetables.

“So, Thom,” Kanere said softly, “When are we moving again?”

The larger boy smiled and shook his head. “Are you worried about that guy from the other day? I set him straight, so don’t worry!” It was true, the mean guy that came the day before had been beaten up by Thomat after trying to steal their food. Despite everyone having food, they always wanted more. Sish didn’t understand it, though.

“Yeah!” the twins said together, like usual, “Thom will always protect us!” Garyd and Bolen were only about four, so they didn’t understand a lot. Sish smiled at them and nodded. As the second oldest, it was his job to keep everyone smiling and happy!

Then, a noise came from down the alley they were huddled in. Sish saw four men coming from the darkness, then, one of which was the man Thomat had beaten. It all happened so fast. Sish saw Thomat charge them, then he saw blades in their hands, and then there was pain. Sish remembered being shoved on the ground, and then pain in his gut.

Sish shook his head of the vivid memory. He always stopped it before the next part. That was when Jim Randus and his men came upon the scene and killed the men who had attacked. Sish gripped his fist harder. That damnable stiff had ordered Thomat and the twins killed, thinking Sish already dead, and took Kanere. He remembered that frightened look on her face as the officers picked her bloody form off the ground.

He would save her, at least. He had been afraid of Jim Randus in the past, but now… He could do it and find some information on the Lost God. Yes, he would kill Jim Randus in the process. He had already wetted his hands with Fetona officer blood. What was a stiff next to that?

Sish crawled along the rooftop of the massive building, looking for a way in. He would find her. He had fought coming to Fetona for ten years, since he had left, but finally he had come back. Sish knew why he hadn’t sooner… What if Kanere had died? What if she was tortured? Maybe she had been… No! He would not think of such things. That Damnable Divine Randus would die either way, but not before Sish knew where Kanere was or what had happened and after he got as much information out of the stiff as he could. The Lost God… He might be able to revive the others if he really was found. It was a possibility.

An open window came into view. Well, it wasn’t really an open window, but a balcony with the doors inside wide open. Sish licked his lips as he closed in. There was someone standing there. It was a man, from the clothing and short pushed back hair. There was also a sense of confidence about the man. Was he a Divine.

Then, just as Sish got closer, the man looked his way and smiled. It wasn’t the smile of a friend, nor one of an enemy. It was simply a smile of confidence that said ‘I am not afraid of you.’

It could also be called the smile of Jim Randus.

The End

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