Confronting Anger Causes SorrowMature

Soris barely dodged as the mangled body slammed down on the ground where he had been. He wished he could say he regretted the man’s fate, but Hin was cruel so Soris was only partially sorry about his death and mutilation afterwards. Soris quickly watched for the other body being used as a weapon. Damnable kid. Soris never thought he could keep that good of control over the body. He didn’t even think that the boy would use the men like that!

But, it was something that was happening and Soris was partially to blame. This was so troublesome…

Soris slammed his shield into the ground as the body that had tried to crush him slid across the ground at alarming speed. Luckily, the massive shield was reinforced and had bladed edges, which allowed it to sink into the dirt of the Execution Block’s ground and take the impact of the hit. This was getting dangerous though.

The second body flew in from above, to Soris’ dismay. Could he catch a break?! Soris ripped his shield up in time to dodge the blow. With the weight of the shield and the weight of a moving human body, he couldn’t afford to be hit directly overhead. Abyssal’s Cycle! How was he supposed to stop this angry kid!?

“I’LL KILL YOU!” the boy screamed as both bodied rose into the air.

“Calm down, Sish,” Soris yelled back, trying his best to keep an eye on the distorted bodies of the dead officers and the boy, “I am not who you should be angry at!”

That got to him. Sish rubbed a hand through his hair, but this time his anger didn’t seem to fade even a little. He did, however, stop attacking and left the corpses floating in the air. “If it’s not you I should be angry at,” the boy said, his voice sounding like a beast about to attack, “Then who?”

Soris racked his brain for an answer, but one that wouldn’t anger him further came to mind. He glanced backward at the other officers. They had stayed back after Soris start his fight alone and it was probably for the best. Wait… That gave him an idea.

“You used to live here, correct?”

The boy seemed like he would attack then, but didn’t, so Soris’ relief. Blocking Grae’s mace was child’s play compared to damnable bodies! “Yes, what’s your point?” He still seemed ready to explode and those corpses were still poised to shoot. Damnation, this was dangerous.

“Then even you will admit that not all of Fetona’s people are evil?” Come on, work!

The boy ground his teeth and his face grew angrier. “You damn Divines are the ones who are evil!” he yelled, rage filling his voice and causing a few officers to step back by the sounds Soris heard, “Kojack was a stiff, too, but at least he wasn’t all high and mighty and cared for those under him! All you people care about is yourselves! YOU SHOULD ALL DIE!”

Soris barely had time to roll back as the first body was flung down. Hin’s corpse made a sickening crunch, almost making Soris want to empty his stomach. Luckily, Sish didn’t attack again. Was he waiting? Did he want to be stopped? Radiant God above, Soris hated this. Too much work.

“These soldiers, myself included, are not Divines!” Soris yelled, “We are simply men trying to keep the peace around Fetona! We mean no harm to those who don’t want to disrupt peace!” Maybe that would get the boy thinking..?

Instead of thinking, or even attacking, the boy laughed. Laughed! It was a truly amused laugh, even coming from the boy’s angry self, Soris could tell he found his words truly amusing. Damnation, what was so funny?

“You speak of maintaining peace,” the boy said, his laughter subsiding, “But really you condemn homeless to death! You kill innocents! How can you explain that!?”

Soris snorted. HE was getting mad now. Mad at the ignorance of this boy. “People are in danger of dying from lack of food! You rebels must be dealt with! We only kill the rebels!”

The boy’s expression grew dark, then. Was he about to attack? Soris eyed the corpse in the air and then – painfully – eyed the one on the ground. He regretted the later instantly. It could not be recognized as a human. Intstead it looked like a mangled mass of metal and flesh. Damnation!

“I just realized how ignorant you are, Captain,” the boy said, letting the body he had in the air fall, “And for that I will let you go. I am… done for today.” Sish’s expression softened and he went from being a boy made of rage and hate, to a sad little kid. He was even crying a little. How…. Odd.

“What do you mean ignorant?!” Soris demanded, ignoring the officers behind him who backed away more. Maybe they thought the boy was still dangerous.

Sish pushed his messy black hair back again and turned. “Aside from me and the old man,” the boy said just barely loud enough for Soris to hear, “No Nomads have ever been captured. We always stay out of Fetona unless we are on a job.”

With that, the boy ran. Soris, however, didn’t chase him. It wasn’t like the other security officers, who were probably immobilized with fear, but for a vastly different reason.

Soris had been part of hundreds of Executions in the last year, each a man or woman claiming to be innocent. He had not felt pity, or remorse, for a single one. In fact, quite a few he had bullied confessions out of and captured doing simple infractions. They always ended in death, though.

So…. Soris had been the cause of hundreds of innocents dying.

The End

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