Will GuardsMature

Sish’s mind was fury. His actions were violence! His being was Rage itself! They would all pay! It wasn’t just about Kojack anymore, though the image of the old man’s corpse was still vivid and fueling Sish with anger, but about Fetona itself!

Sish slammed one of his Will Guards – a name he had dubbed just a minute before during his rage – into a few officers that ran toward him. They were clumsy and inexperienced, so they fell with ease and many died on their ally’s open blade. So pathetic, but fulfilling!

The city had taken everything from him once, and now it took something else. Kojack was a stiff like the Divines, but he still protected an angry child and guided Sish to better himself as a warrior. Not a father figure or even a friend, but certainly a man who deserved honor and respect.

An image of Thomat, Garyd, Bolen, and Kanere, his friends from when he was a youth, appeared in Sish’s head. At first it was simply them sitting around a pile of burning trash, eating the handouts from the food centers. They seemed happy as smiles adorned each of their faces. Thomat had a large grin as he tore into a piece of deer meat. He had been a large kid and could down several pounds of food if he was allowed. Garyd was next, laughing at something Bolen was saying. The twin brothers were always like that, despite their situation as homeless. Kanere was the last, with her small frame and bright smile. She had been nice and rarely smiled when they first met. She had learned to laugh again by being with Sish and his friends.

And then, slowly, their smiling faces became blank stares. Cuts slowly adorned them and blood sprays painted their bodies. Where Sish’s friends had sat, four dead bodies cut beyond recognition now lay, two men laughing as they ran away with their stolen food. After all no one would care if the kids lived or died. Kanere had survived that, but….

Sish was brought back to reality as a man with an enormous shield blocked one of the Will Guards and nearly stabbed him. It was Soris Vandeel, that captain! He was the one who had captured them! He had interrogated them!

Sish once again lost himself to rage, though this time he did not think about his long lost friends and the damnable city of Fetona. He only thought about crushing this man beneath the weight of his own comrades!

He would kill this damnable stiff!


The End

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