The Last HeraldMature

Kanam watched in amazement as the prisoner became the Executioner. It was brilliant! Like one of the novels he enjoyed so much!

“Kanam!” Jerof screamed from the box’s door, “We have to leave! We are in danger.

Kanam had already sent Lamere away with Kera, who was more than happy to take him. She like little boys on account of losing her own little brother in her youth. Kanam didn’t care, though. The only thing that mattered was the scene that unfolded below. Most of the people had evacuated already, which was probably why the reinforcements were slow getting here. Kanam didn’t care, though.

“The Radiant God shines today, Jerof,” Kanam said excitedly as the prisoner slammed one of the men into the downed Divine. It did not kill him, but it did crush his last limb, or so Kanam thought. Anatomy was not his strong suit.

“Abyssal’s Cycle! What is wrong with you!?”

Kanam smiled at Jerof. “Have you not noticed?”

Jerof seemed confused, but instead of further persuation, he simply left, his servant in tow. He always was one to preserve himself. He never took on tough jobs like some of the other Heralds.

Kanam went back to watching the scene, though. The prisoner really was mad. Kanam could not understand his wrath-filled screams, but he did hear them from the box where he sat and that was an amazing thing in and of itself.

The prisoner finally ended the robed man with both his Will-coated men. Had Kanam been closer, he might have been attacked, but it appeared as though the young prisoner was only mad at the speaker. Hammon had been his name, right? Kanam couldn’t really recall, but he knew the man worked in one of the churches in the central district. It was truly a loss, but it was well served.

After all, this prisoner had to have been the last Herald.

There was no other way to explain his ability to cover two humans at once with little effort. According to the ancient texts and accounts, the fifteenth Herald would appear from no mother and be the only defense against the end of Jana. Of course, the ‘end’ was never specified, nor was there any enemies of Jana until recently, so most people thought he would be a hero to fight the rebels and kill Grave. Kanam had other theories, one that this prisoner – No, not a prisoner, a Herald! – proved possible.

Kanam knew it was wrong, but he grew excited as the Herald attacked some reinforcements. The end was near and he would witness it!


The End

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