Boiling PointMature

Sish watched the blue move up the neck of the smaller officer. He had already gotten all four limbs and the main body and he was nearly spent up. It was said the human body is the most complex thing on this planet. Despite thinking it was all stupid nonsense, Sish now knew why.

Behind him, Kojack grunted in pain, still resisting the scream that Sish would have released by then. He winced at ever hit he heard. Sure, he didn’t like the old man that much, but he was a comrade, one that Sish had respected. He didn’t deserve this. Sish just had to let him suffer a little longer, though. Soon.. The Will had almost finished.

“That is enough!” Sish resisted the urge to curse and spit at that robed man. He would get his later. Right now… Focus! “Now,” the man said through the Speaker, “We have shown this man his punishment for attacking our peace! Let us hope his new soul learns from this instinctively! We will end his suffering now, so do not worry or feel pity, my fellow men and women! He will be in the bliss a newborn body soon enough!”

Sish needed to hurry! Hurry! The blue Will passed the officers eyes and into the helmet now, but it was taking a little longer. Did he have hair instead of being bald, like Sish thought? Damnation! It was taking too long!



Sish felt the Will connect and contain the man, making him stiff and nearly like a statue. Now, quickly before they could-


The scene unfolding as Sish turned seemed to take forever. It was so surreal. He felt no anger at the sight of Kojack’s head falling to the Block’s wood, nor at the spray of blood coming from the old man’s chest. No, he felt something that was well and beyond anger.

It was pure rage.

Screaming at the top of his lungs, Sish ripped up the officer he had grabbed and slammed him into his other guard, causing everyone to turn toward him “YOU DAMNABLE STIFFS!” Sish yelled as he picked up the guard he had his Will wrapped around, “I WILL KILL ALL OF YOU!”

It was then that the Execution Block panicked. People ran in every direction, looking to escape. Sish paid them no attention, as his wrath was aimed at the robed man who now hid behind nearly twenty armed officers. Pathetic. Sish screamed again and slammed his officer into them, knocking nearly all of them down. He would kill them all! He lifted the officer he had wrapped in his will, long since dead from a broken neck, and slammed him into the remaining men. All that was left was the robed man.

He was the one who gave the order. Sish glanced back at Kojack’s lifeless body before continuing toward his victim. He had no sadness. There was no room for that; only room for the massive rage he had burning inside like an overstuffed furnace. This man would die for being the ring leader!

Sish picked up another officer, not thinking or knowing how had done it so fast, and started dragging them behind him with Will alone. The robed man was now sobbing as he crawled away. He had fallen backwards at some point.

“P-please, spare m-me!” He cried, looking truly terrified. That was good. For some reason, Sish wanted the man to be terrified right before he died.

“You enjoyed giving those orders, didn’t you?” Sish questioned. The man stuttered in an attempt to answer, but Sish gave him no time. One of his officers rose into the air and slammed into the robed man’s leg, snapping the officers neck and crushing Sish’s target. He smiled as the man let out an agonizing wail. “This is just starting,” Sish said cruely, slamming his other officer into another man who tried to charge him.

Now was the time to satisfy his rage.

The End

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