The Complexity of a HumanMature

Sish thought frantically as he was nearly drug to the Execution Block. It was really just a huge arena that had been used for the Tourney before the new one was built, but it was just as famous as the Tourney arena even among the Nomads. Every week they would hear of a new victim killed by charge of rebellion. Sish was, in truth, scared.

Of course, his anger and hate kept him actively searching for an exit. No good. With Sish’s hands bound by the hollow metal cuffs, just like Kojack who was already up on the block and waiting, and dozens of guards between them and the packed stands, Sish had next to no hope. Damnation! Why was it always like this!? At least in the past he had allies, but now there weren’t even allies. All the rebels in the city were scared beyond action and Grave had all the Nomads nearly five days away from the city!

Sish grunted as he was lifted by the shoulders by the damnable stiff officers and thrown on the Block. Being made of a hard wood and hardened by years of weathering, it hurt quite a lot.

“You alright, Sish?”

Sish rolled over and saw that Kojack was being held in place by several officers. Two held one arm, another two held his other, and three more held chains that Sish now realized connected to his legs. Why only the old man’s legs though? Sure, his arms were bound, but he HAD killed thirty men. One would think the damnable security officers would be smarter.

Kicking the air, Sish came to his feet. The officers that had thrown him simply walked around to where a small set of stairs led up to the Block, though it was obvious they did not seem to take Sish as a serious threat and took their time. Those damnable stiffs! Sish was growing angrier and angrier at these officers not taking him seriously.

Then a thought struck him. His anger seeped away and Sish started to smile. This was perfect. ‘The greatest weakness is underestimation of your opponent,’ Grave had once told him. Well, that had proven right on several occasions – the fight with the old man a few days before being the most recent. Maybe he could find an opening.

“Old man, I have an idea,” Sish said, his mind working frantically to finish the details on his hastily thought up plan of action, “But you have to trust me.” This would be a major gamble… But, the tree from yesterday – no, it was the day before yesterday according to the old man – had given him confidence. He should be able to do it.

“Whatever it is, Sish,” the stiff said, eying the officers who were listening to their every word and the two that had almost reached Sish, “You had better make it quick.” Sish nearly lost a bit of his cool at the stiff’s voice. It almost sounded like the old man had been ordering him, of all things! Damnable stiff old man…

Sish watched as the two officers approached him. One was large and built, but shorter than his companion. He had a helmet on, like all the others, but small bits of dark hair peeked through the iron protection on his head. It was long hair for an officer, so that was a strike against him.

The other officer was about the same height as his companion, but much skinnier, like most the officers in Fetona. Sish wondered how they intended to fight the Nomads with weaklings like this guy. Well, at least Sish didn’t see any signs of hair on his head.

The old man’s voice went through his head. ‘In order to lift something with your Will, you must cover every bit of your target. Complex targets, which include living things, are nearly impossible to lift without a Divine or Heraldic Will, as you must cover the inside of that object as well.’

Well, it was time to find out just how complex a human was.

Just as the guards went to grab Sish, he released his Will onto the smaller man. They, of course, couldn’t see the blue lines of Will moving from Sish and onto the officer, but he watched in wonder as they slipped under the armor of the man and crept over his skin. It took concentration to use all of his Will, so Sish was easily dragged along the ground and placed on his knees between the two officers. To his right, Sish thought he saw Kojack watching him. Well, his life depended on Sish’s gambit. If he could make this work.

Another man walked on stage, but Sish didn’t pay attention to the newcomer. The only thing Sish noticed was the Speaker in his hand – some device created to amplify sound – and his robes. After that, it was back to covering the officer to Sish’s right in his Will. The skinny officer’s arm turned blue as the Will crept up his arm at a steady pace. ‘Let’s hope that robed stiff talks a lot,’ Sish thought to himself, ‘Or I might end up dead.’


The End

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