A Calling to ChaosMature

“Come, Beautiful Lamere.”

Lamere left his position by the door and came as Kanam had asked. He was such a spirited youngster. The Abyssal God had surely recycled a saint’s soul to make this boy come alive. Kanam said a silent prayer to the Radiant God as Lamere helped him rise from bed and pull his Herald robe on.

“I really do hate having you help me so much,” Kanam said softly, “But with my age there is little to be helped.”

Lamere smiled brilliantly. It was forced, but it seemed to be more and more like the child wanted to smile every day. “It is no trouble, Great Herald Reoter,” the beautiful child said cheerfully, “It is what I am here for.”

“Well, I thank the Radiant God that he blessed you with such a positive attitude.” It was good that the child was learning to trust the Heralds. Being secluded so much and having the Divines run the Fetona for the most part had given people a natural wariness that Kanam wished didn’t exist. “We are to see an execution today, Beautiful Lamere,” Kanam told the boy, “So I must ask you if you need to stay behind.”

The boyd looked nervous, but shook his head. “If I leave, who would be here to help you, Great Herald Reoter?”

Kanam patted the boy’s head. “May the Radiant God bless you and the Lost God be found by your eyes, Beautiful Lamere,” Kaname said, then headed for the door, Lamere following quickly behind, probably not knowing what to say to Kanam’s complement. It would be a long day. Just earlier today was the younger rebel questioned. Kanam had hoped it was a misunderstanding or an accident, but sadly the two had been found guilty of being rebels, like so many others.

So sad.

It took all of about two hours to reach the Execution Block. It was called a Block, but really it was the old arena converted into an executioner’s stand. The seats always filled up with Divines and Commons alike and Kanam had his own seat with three other Heralds. The carriage rid over had left Kanam stiff, so he was glad he was able to walk to his seat instead of being carried like the other Heralds.

Among those seated in the private booth were Jerof, a large younger man in his mid-forties, and Kera, the only female Herald out of the fourteen. She had been blessed with beauty beyond imagination, but Kanam tried not to pay attention to her. They each had their respective servants; Jerof an older boy with long golden curls and Kera a young lady in her later teens with red flowing hair. They were both good servants to the Heralds, but Kanam was satisfied with Lamere. It wasn’t always that the Radiant God gave a family member to serve. Ah, what a wondrous thing.

“I see you are still as stubborn as ever, Kanam,” Jerof said in his booming voice as Kanam took one of the many seats in the booth. They were all large chairs made to be confortable as well as lavish. “Me and Kera here were just saying how you needed more rest these days and here you are climbing the stairs of the Execution Block! You are too old! Try being more relaxed!”

Kanam smiled. Jerof was not good at showing his emotions, but Kanam could tell when he tried. “I thank you for the concern, but you should not worry yourself. The more I exercise the better. The Radiant God lets me live on for a reason, you know, and it is not to lay about all the time.”

Kera rolled her eyes. “Kanam, you are a Herald, why not act the part of one? It is just natural, you know? We are here to guide the young to be brilliant like the Radiant God. Not to exercise and waste time risking our health.” She pushed her own long blonde hair back and relaxed in the large chair. Her long red dress she wore was form fitting, he noticed, but not revealing, so it wasn’t exactly scandalous, but it definitely hit the border. That irritated Kanam. He didn’t like such perversion in the Heralds. 

“We are also meant to be seen as examples,” Kanam retorted, but instantly felt bad. “But, I do thank you for the concern, Kera. It is appreciated, truly.”

Kera didn’t look his way, though. “Let us watch the execution, brothers,” she said, her eyes transfixed on the scene below.

Kanam looked down into the Execution block for the first time. He didn’t like watching these events, but something had compelled him today. He couldn’t explain the exact feeling, only that he knew today’s execution was going to be… well, unique. Was this the Radiant God speaking to him? Kanam was overjoyed at the prospect, but tried not to get his hopes up as he stared down into the arena.

The Execution Block was not the largest of arenas in Fetona, but it was massive and easily able to fit a fifteen thousand people. The rows were set up like stairs that extended and curled into a ball around the actual Execution Block, which was simply a raised platform with a block and basket for beheading.

“There they are!”

Kanam followed Jerof’s meaty finger and eventually found two small figures walking onto the Block. They were too far away to actually see, but Kanam thought the smaller figure looked…. Familiar.

Or maybe he was the sign the Radiant God was showing Kanam?

The End

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