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Sish nervously eyed the man across from him. With long black hair and a calm face, he looked just like a Divine himself. Maybe he was? “What do you mean executed?” Sish asked.

The man looked to the officers Sish knew to be behind him. “Did you not tell him?”

“Tell me what?” Sish felt his usual anger rising. “What is it that have you not told me!?” Sich turned on the officers – or tried to, as two of them grabbed his shoulders and forced him forward. Sish would have reacted, but he wasn’t stupid.

“Well,” the black haired Divine said, “You are an accomplice of a rebel, and most likely a rebel yourself. Also, your ally seems to have killed nearly thrity of our men including the captain of this Bunker.”

Sish felt his mouth drop. That old stiff did what?!

“I guess you didn’t know, then.”

“O-of course not!” Sish said. He should have been glad the filthy men were gone, but… Kojack killing thirty men before being stopped, including a captain? That was ridiculous! Sish knew he was good but…

“Well,” the man in front of Sish said, leaning back and folding his arms, “Consider yourself informed. Now, are you really rebels? Where is Grave Rim? Or are you just a boy who got mad at civilization and got that old man into trouble.”

Sish couldn’t give them anything. He had to buy time until he could escape. He smiled. Might as well see if he could get any information out of this stuck up man. “It’s rude to ask questions without introducing yourself, Captain.”

Sish had taken a guess at the man’s rank, but it worked. “I am Captain Soris Vandeel, leader of the Vandeel Bunker and Fetona Officer in charge of the Southern Line.” That would have been the southernmost part of the mid-section of Fetona. Good to know. “Now answer my questions.”

Time to gamble. Sish rubbed his hands through his hair, calming himself and thinking on how to say this… Well, it was best to wing it anyway. “How about we play a game, Captain Vandeel?”

Sish expected anger, but the Captain simply sighed. “Will this make things go faster? I don’t have all day.” Sish simply nodded in reply. “Then alright.”

“But Captain..!”

The Captain waved his hand at the officer who spoke up. “It’s not like he has much to say anyway. What is your game, ‘Sish?’”

Sish nearly lost control of his temper when the man said his name with doubt. He may be angry at times, and maybe even ignorant of things, but Sish was never a liar! “It goes like this: I ask you a question and you give me an answer, and then you ask me and I will give you an answer. Simple, right?”

The stiff Captain thought for a moment on it before nodding. Perfect. “I suppose I have nothing to hide anyway,” he said, “So hurry up and start.”

“Why, got somewhere to be?” Sish asked before thinking.

The dark haired man smiled. “Yes. My turn.” Damnable officer! “Are you affiliated with the rebels, also known as Nomads?”

“Well, considering anyone could be one,” Sish said slowly, “Then yes, I might just be.” There, that’ll teach the stiff. Sish loved question games. He and Grave used to play when he first came to the Nomads. Of course, Grave was better at dodging questions.

“Captain Vandeel, it’s obvious…”

The captain again waved his hand at the officer who had spoken behind Sish. What was it he was playing? “That would be a yes, officer,” Vandeel said with a smile, “Now let us continue.”

Well, that was lost. Next plan. “Do you have any knowledge pertaining to the Lost God?”

That caught him off guard. Vandeel looked to the men behind Sish with confusion in his eyes. “What do you mean?” the captain asked, his face showing curiosity now. Perfect. If he knew things, it would be better, but… Well, he might still know things. Sish would escape somehow and find the Absolute God.

“Anything you have noticed or seen that might point out the Lost God’s location? Anything will do really and I am told you city folk search every day for him.” The man was still giving Sish an incredulous look, but thankfully he replied.

“Not much to say, really,” Vandeel said slowly, “Yes, all strive to seek him, but there are many theories so it is impossible to gain a real lead. I am afraid I have no solid clues, only what the general public know.” Vandeel leaned forward and placed his hands in front of him. “Now, I believe it is my turn. Did you and your companion come to Fetona alone?”

Sish smiled. “As far as we know, yes.” That would keep them guessing. “Now my turn. What are the theories people have about the Lost God’s whereabouts?”

“Hmmm. Well the most popular is the belief that he is kept hidden and guarded by a man known as the One Who Wield’s God.” SIsh must of given a confused look, for the man sighed before continuing. “The guard is said to have a Will that is more powerful than even the Heralds.”

So… Find the man with the strongest Will and he could find the Lost God? Wasn’t much, but Sish was happy for just a little. Growing up homeless meant he had never really listened to rumors and gossip.

“My turn again,” Vandeel said, now smiling, “What do you know about your companion?”

It was Sish’s turn to be confused. “Not much really. I only know he is a stiff and apparently good with a weapon if he took out thirty of you guys by himself.” One of the officers had moved to strike Sish, or so he thought, as Vandeel glared to someone behind him. “So, the answer is not much. I only know those things.”

Vandeel stood up then. Sish grew angry at that. “It’s my turn, where are you going?!” The man just ignored Sish’s questions and walked to the door leading outside.

“Officers, make sure ‘Sish’ here finds his way to the Execution Block,” the captain said, using Sish’s name like it was some sort of fake. Damnable stiff! “I have to report to the Heralds and Divines that we have a pilgrim with ties to the rebels about to be killed.”

And with that he left, leaving Sish’s anger near the boiling point. 

The End

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