Underground PrisonMature

Sish groaned as he sat up. What had happened? Around him, a dark room expanded with one wall being made of iron bars and no visible door. By the Lost God, had they been captured? Sish tested his hands and found them bound behind his back by iron shackles. He tried to spread his Will over them and unlock the small lock he knew to be there, but it failed.

“Damned officers! What did they make this out of…”

A rustling from outside the bars brought Sish’s attention to the darkness. What was out there? Some more of the damnable city folk? Maybe more of those high and mighty officers? Whoever it was, Sish would…

It was Kojack!

The old stiff appeared just outside the bars, staring at Sish with his usual disapproval and letting his hands fold behind his back like someone about to lecture. Sish was just happy he was alive! What would Grave say if Sish got the old man killed off? Probably banish Sish, and that was positive thinking.

“As usual,” Kojack said, “You have done something foolish.” He walked one way, then the other. “This time was probably the worst, though.”

Sish just ground his teeth in silence. Even in the worst situation, the man taunted him. Kojack never let people like him even briefly, huh? Damnable stiff. “Why aren’t you getting me out of here, old man? And how did you get out?”

The old man didn’t answer with words. Instead, he turned around and let Sish see his backside. What did he… Kojack’s hands, to Sish’s confusion, were bound by an iron clasp. What the hell? How did he get out of his cell with bound hands?!

Kojack turned back around. “I can’t really see your face while you sit in the darkness, but I can tell you are confused and think of me as a free man.” Sish stood and walked into the dim light that came from a few cracks in the ceiling so the stiff could see him. “Ah, there we go.”

“Look, old man, how did you get out with your hands bound?” Sish demanded.

Kojack looked upward. “We are in an underground cell for criminals of a high caliber. The rooms are buried beneath the earth and the prisoners are dropped in. Due to the Divines not wanting to get their hands dirty, they allowed the cells to be made so that the inmates may see one other cell through blocks. This tempts them to fight and possibly kill one another.”

Sish grew angrier at the words spouted by the stiff. “So they just make them kill one another because they don’t want to deal with it themselves?! What kind of rule is that!?” Sish quickly walked over to a wall and smoothed his hair with the cold metal. His anger soothed down from the inferno it had almost become and he felt himself relax somewhat.

“I’ve been meaning to ask why you do that,” the stiff said from the bars. Sish hadn’t left the light completely, so Kojack was probably watching.

“Don’t worry about it,” Sish snapped, rubbing his messy hair once again with the wall. That stiff didn’t need to know. “How do you get out of here?”

“Sadly, I fear that is impossible.”

Sish turned, trying not to let his anger take control again. “Why is that? I mean, we could use our Will and…”

The old man was shaking his head. “They place an iron lock on top of the door.”

Sish was confused instead of angered now. “So? We just use Will and remove it, alright?”

“They are hollow, Sish.”

“Ok? What does that have to do with anything?”

Kojack shook his head. “Did Grave not teach you anything? Hollow items cannot be lifted with Will. In order for you to lift with Will you must cover the entire object. Understand?”

Sish thought on it, but came up with nothing. He didn’t understand what the stiff was driving at. Unless… “Are you saying we have to cover the INSIDE of an object as well?”

The old man nodded, to Sish’s dismay, but there was no way he could get mad at him for just telling the truth. Sish sighed. Well, now he needed a way to escape. Only issue was there was little to see. But there were other questions that Sish had forgotten in the heat of the moment.

“Hey, old man, how did we get here?”

The stiff sighed and leaned against the bars separating their cages. “You don’t remember?”

“Well, if I did, would I be asking?” Sish was beginning to grow annoyed with this stiff old man.

“Well, let me see… You threw a tree at Fetona,-“

“I remember that part.”

“-then the officers came out of the gate and charged us-“

“That was the last thing I remembered.”

“-and then the head officer took your quarter staff and knocked you out.”

Sish whirled on him. “Now I don’t remember THAT. By the Lost God, why didn’t you start out with that one, old man?”

The stiff just shook his head, not bothering to look at Sish. Briefly – Just BRIEFLY mind you – Sish thought of strangling the old man. “You have been out for two days, Sish. I doubt you would blame me for my first thought being your awakening.”

Sish clenched his fists. He had spent two days in this damnable city already, huh? Well he would escape! Any more time and Sish would have probably puked. “Are any rebels in the city that would help us?”

Kojack simply shook his head.

“Well, damnation!” Sish cursed walking over to the wall to sooth himself again. It didn’t help, though. His black hair simply melded into the darkness and brought it into his own head. Well, what else was there to do but mope?

Suddenly, a loud grinding sound came from above. Sish immediately looked to the old man. He didn’t look back, but he clearly knew Sish was looking at him.

“That would be the door being opened,” he said, sounding remorseful. What a stiff. That might be hope! You had to be optimistic in these cases! Sish looked up as another grinding sound started and light appeared. It was bright at first, blocking his vision with brilliantly bright rays of the Sun, but Sish eventually was able to make out a shape. After a moment, the figure spoke in a deep voice, causing Sish’s anger to rise.

“It’s time for your interrogation.”


The End

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