Damage to the CityMature

“Captain Vandeel!”

Soris groaned, getting up from his bed. It had already been three days since the food had been taken. Sadly, since Soris had investigated it first, he had to deal with the tiresome questions of the Divines and even some Heralds. Being only a Lesser Will meant they really didn’t care if he didn’t have time.

It took only moments for Soris to put on his boots and trousers and answer the door. The boy in the doorway couldn’t have been no more than fifteen. He gaped when he saw Soris only wore his trousers and lacked a shirt. Another thing Soris didn’t like. A man was considered naked without a shirt.

“I don’t have time for your remarks, so don’t even make them, boy,” Soris said before the messenger could talk. “Tell me what the message is.”

The boy still looked nervous and gave a scandalous look at Soris, but he did as he was told, thankfully. “Just an hour ago, there was an attack on Fetona,” he said at a very fast rate. It really was too early. It took Soris a moment to actually process what the boy had said.

An attack, huh? So the Nomads had gotten brave enough for that? Damned rebels. They always knew how to ruin a man’s free time. Soris gave the boy a silver ring and sent him on his way so he could get dressed.

First came his shirt, of course. After that, the under armor, then the plate mail, and then the damnable cape. Being captain was a nuisance, but it sure beat grunt work. Soris grabbed his sword and placed it around his waist, then retrieved a massive circular shield from the rear of his room. He would need the thing if there really were a lot of rebels. There was said to be over thirty thousand, but that was doubtful. At best, there were probably a few thousand.

The sun shone brightly as Soris exited his small house on the Line. Being the border of the outer section and mid-section of Fetona, he saw the drab clothing of Commons people and the richly adorned clothing of Divines on the people walking about. Of course, some of those ‘Divines’ were really just people with Lesser and Greater Wills born into Divine families. It was a confusing system, really.

Soris locked the door behind him and headed toward the Bunker. His officers would be waiting there for retaliation. Soris wondered briefly just how the rebels had attacked. Of course, this would be interesting to know to even Soris, who never really cared for much aside from being a role model.

As if answered by the Radiant God himself, Soris saw the attack.

A large mound of dirt protruded out of a building a little ways away. Soris looked back at his own house, then back to the massive object covered in dirt. It looked only about as big as a boulder, but if it had hit his house… Great Radiant God!

Soris ran up and pushed through the crowd that had formed around the object. “Captain Vandeel reporting! Make way, make way!” They slowly gave him birth and he made his way to the front. He finally recognized the large building once he reached the front and the local officers let him through. It was Matilda’s Bakery, a restaurant he visited late at night when his men were on break. He hadn’t noticed it initially because he wasn’t used to seeing it in daylight. Who would attack the poor woman’s place?

No, it was more likely they were throwing blindly. But, what had they-

Through the open door of the Bakery, Soris saw leaves spreading through the main room. Wait a second… He looked up and examined the dirt mound a bit closer. Yes, they were there. Roots! But who in their right mind would uproot a tree and throw it? Maybe they picked it up with their Will? Well, it was possible, but it would require at least a Divine…

Grave Rim!

“Who is in charge here?” Soris yelled at the nearest officer. He was a scrawny man, like so many of Fetona’s security officers, but he seemed sure enough.

“I am, sir!”

Soris nodded. “Good. I want you to go report to the Heralds that we have someone with a Divine Will attacking the city. It is possible that it is Grave Rim, the leader of the rebels.”

Some of the soldiers paled. It seemed they had heard of Grave’s deeds two years before, then. Good. It would drive them to hurry so Soris could get back to relaxing. Today was supposed to have been his day off.

The people still crowded, each looking curiously at the vandalized building. “What are you staring at?!” Soris yelled to them, creating a many different facial reactions. Some started to demand to know what was going on. Well, those would be Divines, no doubt. “I am going to have to ask that you all leave the premises immediately, as you are in danger!”

The people just looked more confused and more curious.

“What danger?”

“Who did this?”

“Is anyone dead?”

Soris shook his head. More curious than monkeys. Soris was half convinced that if he lit a fire, all of these people would walk into it, wanting to know how it felt. “Look! This was an attack on Fetona! There might be more attacks coming!” A few people finally got it and quickly left, but the bulk remained. How stupid were these people!? “You are going to die if you do not leave!” That got them.

The people quickly scattered, no doubt heading home to find safety. One of the officers were missing, too, so Soris’ message was probably being delivered to the Heralds.

“Officer, do you know who intercepted the rebels?” Soris asked the nearest man. It was the leader of the men again, but Soris couldn’t tell his rank. He was most likely a grunt put in charge.

“Captain Grae did, sir,” the man said, sweating a little. No wonder. Captain Grae was a scary man. With that huge mace of his he had nearly won the last Tourney. Only some Commons man named Jeor had beaten him.

“I am moving to join him,” Soris said, “I need you to send another of your men to the Vandeel Bunker in the Line, alright? Tell them to meet me.” The officer nodded, almost dropping his helmet. It reminded Soris that he didn’t have a helmet. Well, he should be fine.

Soris took one of the horses nearby, probably belonging to one of the officers, and headed toward the Abyssal Gate. Judging by the angle of the tree, Soris guessed that was where the rebels were. Now all he had to do is help them take care of the issue and head back home.


The End

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