Anger Encourages BattleMature

“A Divine? Me?” Sish shook his head. “Stop trying to mess with me, old man.”

Kojack closed his mouth and placed a hand on his head, thinking. Sish wanted to ask again what he meant, but it was useless to bother Kojack when he thought on something. Sish decided to wait. What did he mean, a Divine? Sure, Sish had a powerful Will, but that didn’t make him a Divine. They were supposed to have enough to lift much larger things. Even a Herald could lift a house if they wanted. Sish pushed his hand through his hair, calming himself. He was NOT a Divine.

“It seems as though you have a Divine Will,” Kojack said after a moment. “There is no other way you could have lifted that tree without something to help you.” The old man shook his head, as if he knew it all along.

But Sish wouldn’t hear it. “Have you become stupid, old man?” Sish yelled, his anger rising, “Greater Wills can easily lift something that large!” He remembered Grave had a Divine Will and he could lift more than just a tree. He even lifted a stone the size of a house before!

Kojack sighed. “Do you know nothing?”

“Apparently not,” Sish snorted back.

“Sish Carna, I would have thought you smarter,” Kojack started, “But I see now that you have slacked in your lessons.”

Sish picked up his quarter staff with Will and started spinning it to be doing something. Here came one of the old man’s lectures. It would be a first for Sih, but that was because he was good at getting away.

“Will is given to every human and recycled with the same soul it is given. Some even say your Will IS your soul. In any case, the way Will works is simple. You allow your Will to move from your body and cover an object.” Kojack demonstrated by picking up a clunk of dirt from the tree Sish had thrown. “You cover every crevice down to the tiniest space on the object. A rock is a solid, so it is extremely simple to pick up.” Kojack allowed the pebble to drop and picked up a small plant. This took him a little while and he seemed to have a hard time doing it, but he succeeded. Did he really have a Greater Will?

“This plant is harder to pick up. Do you know why?”

Sish shook his head. He doubted the plant really was harder.

Kojack seemed to read his thoughts, though. “A plant is hollow, Sish,” he said, “Do you realize what that means?”

Then, in surprise, Sish did. “That means… I have enough Will to fill the entirety of a tree?” This was… Wow. He was really a Divine? It wasn’t that he hated it - after all, Grave was a Divine – but it made Sish feel… like he was one of the snobby high class Divines.

“Well, more or less. A tree is denser than this plant,” Kojack said, dropping the plant, “But it still is an impressive….” Kojack’s face was full of alarm, them. He looked around, but Sish couldn’t see what he was looking for.

“What is it? Someone nearby?” Sish asked. “I think those Farmers have long since gotten to their fields, old man.”

“You fool!” Kojack cursed, “You realize what you did?! You threw a tree into Fetona! We have to get out of here before..”

Just like that, Sish and Kojack noticed a group of men on horseback in the distance. Well, this was just great. There was nothing like a regiment of Fetona security officers to make things better. Sish muttered a curse and grabbed his staff. He would not let himself be captured! The other staff was taken by Kojack, so Sish simply let him have it.

“Sish, we must make our escape,” Kojack said as the officers drew closer, “There is no way we can take all of them.

Sish laughed. “Look! There is only about ten or so of them. We can take em.” It was true. There was only ten – maybe a few more – horsemen riding their way. The dust left in their wake may have hidden one or two, but there was no way they had even twenty officers. Sish knew he could take on the Fetona scum.

“There will be more-“

Sish cut him off by smacking his quarter staff on the ground. “I won’t let these bastards beat me, old man!” he yelled, running toward the leader of the horseman; a large man with a massive mace. “They might know something about the Lost God!”

Now it was time to find out if they did.


The End

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