Sish stood in awe as he watched the massive amounts of Farmers walking toward the fields.

He and Kojack had gotten near the Famer Lands just as they headed out to work for the day. Fetona was said to be the most glorious place in Jana, but Sish thought any who said that was foolish. Watching the Farmers walk out to their fields as the sun rose from the land was more enticing than anything in Fetona. It wasn’t that they were covered in diamonds and jewels like the damnable Divines, but rather because they were the exact opposite.

Dark tanned bodies lined with definition walked, almost like a wave of humans starting the day. The men and women wore simple clothing; a pair of rough trousers, a heavy linen shirt, and rugged boots. Their tools were slung across their shoulders and they stood nearly a head taller than even Kojack, who was already taller than most people in the Nomads. Sish found the large men and women to be simply amazing.

“I wish I had been born a Farmer,” Sish said softly.

Kojack had heard. “It is an honorable trade that allows them to rank even higher than the Divines, but it is a hard task. They must work their body and Will’s daily to farm the lands and defend against wildlife. It is rare that anyone wishes to be in their shoes.”

Sish nodded. “True, but that’s what I like. Doing something that surely and truly matters! And getting respect from even the snobby Divines! That is worth a lifetime of labor.” Kojack sneered, but said nothing more, so Sish hurried ahead. He was now getting anxious to see Fetona and it was only a few hours away.

“Why do you seem so happy?”

Sish turned to see Kojack had quickened his step to stay by his side. Was he threatened by all the Farmers around? “Well, since I started training with you two days ago, I realized I really wanted to hurry and put all of my skills to use on those damned city folk.” Sish smiled. “Surely they will ask for it!”

Kojack simply gave him a blank look. “As much as I would love to see you use your.. ‘skills’ I have to point out that your objective is the Lost God Fesh, not fighting the people of Fetona.”

Sish sighed and fingered one of the staves he held on his back with Will. “You are no fun, old man,” he pouted, “It’s not like I would kill any of them.”

The rest of the walk was in silence, to Sish’s dismay. He had been hoping to have Kojack teach him more even on the walk, but the old man preferred a different method; he simply taught a simple idea, them pounded it in, quite literally. Sish had obtained quite a few bruises, especially to the head. When he had gone to protect his head and limbs, Kojack started attacking his body. So, Sich tried to protect his body, Kojack switched it up and got a few good hits on the Sish’s head. Apparently, Sish was supposed to protect his whole damned body at once!

Sish gripped his fist in annoyance. The man was TRYING to make him made. And it was definitely working. It wasn’t hard to annoy Sish, but making him mad took a bit more.

Like the sight of Fetona in the distance, for example.

“It appears we have arrived,” Kojack said, looking like he had a trace of a smile. He missed his old home? Pathetic. Fetona was nothing but a city of sadness and pity. The Heralds helped out to look like Gods and pity the ones lower than them, the Divines played with lives like a child played with toys, and Commons fought and bickered with one another on a daily basis. Not to mention the amount of drunks the city had.

“Let’s hurry and find the info we need,” Sish said, his Will handing him a quarter staff, “I don’t want to be hear longer than I have to be.”

“Don’t you mean find the Lost God, Sish?” Kojack asked in a stern voice. Sish felt like punching him, then. Would it not have been for Kojack beating him so easily in the past few days.

“Do you really think the Lost God would be in this damned city? Abyssal’s Cycle, Kojack! This place is nothing but bad!” Sish slammed his staff on the ground in anger.

Kojack didn’t speak for a while, but when he did, Sish listened. “What better place to hide, than amongst the darkest and dirtiest of people?”

Sish thought about it for a while. It was true that some books said the Lost God was hiding from something. Some even claimed it was the Radiant God, whom never wanted Jana to exist. Why was he hiding, though? Did he not have more power than the Radiant and Abyssal Gods put together? Maybe… maybe making humanity had weakened him. That was the only explanation.

“I believe that you may have a point,” Sish said, causing Kojack to nod slightly, the equivalent for smiling for the man, “But, I still don’t want to stay in this cursed city long, OK Kojack?”

The man nodded, but Sish thought he had ignored him. It wouldn’t be the first time Sish nearly attacked the man. His anger was something that was still rising. If he didn’t do something to release it soon…

Sish quickly saw a patch of trees off to the side of the road. That would have to do. He left Kojack’s side and made his way there, anger still rising with every bit of Fetona he saw in his peripherals. That damned city… If it hadn’t been for that place, then Sish would still have all of his friends. Thomat, Garyd, Bolen, and Kanere would still live.

Sish reached the first tree, ignoring Kojack’s calls and questions on just what Sish was doing, and he grabbed it. Not with his hands. That would do little. No, he grabbed it with his Will.

Sish felt as the Will left his body, saw as the mass of blue misty light covered the large tree. It didn’t go around it, like a container, but rather guided along the surface of the tree, filling up ever crevice and covering every leaf. For some reason, this was the only way to grab with Will. You had to cover every inch of it.

As soon as Sish felt the roots being completely covered he reached out his hand and shoved it upward. Hand signs were not necessary, but he was mad. His anger needed to be dealt with the best way possible.

The tree creaked as it was ripped from the ground, throwing dirt and some insects into the air. Sish thought about his lost friends briefly, and then used all of his might to throw the tree at Fetona. It flew far and true, hitting inside the walls of Fetona. Sish smiled as his anger left him, leaving a sense of accomplishment behind.

Sish found Kojack with his mouth open. “Something wrong old man?”

Kojack shook his head. “You’re… a Divine?”

Wait, what?!


The End

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