The Boy Who Touched GodMature

Fetona was brilliant today. The Radiant God allowed the sun to shine gloriously and there were no storms to obstruct the beautiful cloudless sky of Jana. Yes, it was for these days that Kanam Reoter, one of the Heralds of Fetona, lived. Days like these were a sign of hope that the Radiant God gave all who followed the Trinity Gods! Praise be to the Trinity!

“Great Herald Reoter, is everything alright?”

Kanam looked to his small servant, smiling as he took in the life that the Lost God had made possible. The boy was named Lamere and he had been serving Kanam for just under a month. He was still nervous around a Herald such as Kaman, but he would learn that Heralds were much gentler than the Commons made them out to be.

“Everything is fine, Beautiful Lamere,” Kanam said softly, allowing himself to take in the site of the child. His mother had been eager to let him serve, but that had not been the reason Kanam enjoyed Lamere’s presence. Lamere was, in fact, Kanam’s grandchild.

“That is good, Great Herald Reoter,” Lamere replied, bowing. Kanam simply patted the boy’s soft bald head and walked off the balcony where he had stood and into the comfort of the Heraldic Citadel, the greatest structure in all of Fetona! Such a sight it was! Kanam always loved the beautiful paintings that adorned every inch of the Citidel. The main room was the largest of them all and held the sculptures of the Trinity Gods, including the shrouded Lost God. Where, oh where, was he?

Kanam walked on down the hallway and into his own quarters. It was a pity he hadn’t ventured out into the city today, but with all the other Heralds out and visiting the people, someone had to remain in the Citadel. Plus, Kanam was weary from helping with some construction in the outer section of Fetona. It had taken days on end, but the newest residential building was finished. Hopefully it would help with the mass amounts of homeless that made their home in the streets.

“Lamere, do you know why I help people?” Kanam asked the child as he sat in his embroidered chair.

The child took his seat on the floor and shook his head. Despite being new, he knew well that all were supposed to sit on a lower elevation than a Herald. Kanam thought it was a stupid and pretentious rule, but was glad that the boy obeyed. The other Heralds were not so lenient.

“It is because it is my duty as one who wishes to be like the Radiant God,” Kanam told the boy. “Nama is a goal, you see? He does not wish to be seen as anything but that. We must abide by this wish and do as he says. It is by him that the natural laws of Jana work and the sun shines. Together with Tojere, the Abyssal God, they make life on Jana peaceful. Understood?”

The boy simply nodded and said, “Yes, Great Herald Kanam.” He didn’t seem to understand, though.

Kanam shook his head and smiled faintly. “I don’t think you do, Beautiful Lamere.” Kanam stood and spread his arms, letting his robes spread like wings of a bird. “To you I am a Herald, but in reality I am simply a human like you. I may have long gray hair and a robe instead of a bald head and simple servants clothing like you, but we are the same, understand?”

The boy seemed confused. “So… the Radiant God wishes us to aspire to become like him and we are all similar because of this?”

Kanam patted the boy on the head. “Exactly! You are starting to learn how things work, Beautiful Lamere. Let us pray you learn more and more. You may be the one to find the Lost God, for all we know.”

With that, Kanam left his grandchild to do his lessons. Lamere, of course, had no idea about the connection, but that was for the best. Kanam hoped this way would allow the boy to focus on his lessons and grow into a strong willed priest of the Trinity Church. Kanam had trained seven priests so far, and every one of them had been successful.

Hopefully, Lamere would be more successful than the others had been, though. Kanam had been waiting for a boy like him, though. It had been a long wait, one that had required much of trial and error, but it had happened.

Kanam had finally found a boy who had touched the Lost God.


The End

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