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Grave walked to meet with Sara. With Kojack gone to help out Sish in his search, and to keep the overly emotional boy from attacking any and every one, she was the second in command now. Though he didn’t trust her nearly as much as Kojack, Sara was excellent at taking care of the Nomad’s day to day needs and he let her have her way. Without her, after all, the Nomad’s might have been able to keep up the rebellion against those damnable Heralds.

He found the tall blonde with dark skin standing near one of the many folding huts the Nomad’s used when traveling. It was Sara’s idea, really. They would keep a permanent base in the wilds, but move half of the Nomad’s around to create the illusion of movement. Those in Fetona would be unsure of their exact location in the vast Wilds and have to give up on any idea of attacking.

“Sara Keenhert, still as beautiful as ever,” Grave said, using a more soothing tone. With Sara, flattery went a long way – even if she knew it was false.

Sara turned to gaze at Grave with her piercing sky blue eyes and smiled lightly. “Greetings, boss,” she said, her tone formal as usual, “I was just about to find you actually.”

Grave swallowed. Had she already found out about Sish’s leaving? Sara had come from the homeless recruits along with Sish. She seemed to like the boy and grew very emotional whenever he had been in danger, but he never even acknowledged her. It was an odd relationship, but one he hoped wouldn’t impede her work with the Nomad’s.

“News from the city?” Grave asked, hoping it were.

Sara nodded, easing Grave’s tension a little. He would still have to tell her. From her dark skin, Grave always thought she were a Farmer at one point. Sara denied this, but acted like one all the same. She smiled calmly and nodded to a few men in the distance. Grave immediately noticed the cans of food in their hands. “The plan was a success.”

Grave nodded. “Good to hear. I admit, I was worried that Golvir wouldn’t be able to pull off the job and I’d rather smack a Farmer than see what they would do to him for stealing all that food for us.” Sara had twitched at the mention of smacking a Farmer. Was it a sign? Well, in any case, Grave would never smack a farmer, even when he WAS a Divine.

“Sir, the food was just how you described it. How did you know about the preservation methods that Seal Rim’s company uses?” Sara looked quite curious. Well, Grave’s past wasn’t a secret, but most still did not remember what lineage he belonged to.

“Seal Rim, the company’s owner,” Grave said, walking a little ways away to watch as a few men carried the stolen preserved goods, “He happens to be my son.” Sara nodded. What was it with women? Tell them something new and they would nod like you were just confirming something they already knew! Grave contained his annoyance and smiled, though. Sara was not a woman to be crossed, even by the feared leader of the Nomad’s, Grave Rim.

“You came to see me for something?” Sara asked, “Or did you just want to find out about the job?”

Grave scratched his head. How to deal with this? Well, honestly was a start. “What is your connection with Sish?” Grave asked, surprising himself. He hadn’t meant to ask her that. It was against his nature to pry. Sish, however, had a way to break habits and the nature of people.

Sara simply ignored Grave for a time, looking as the men in the distance moved can after can of foodstuffs to the storage building. It was in that time, Grave realized for the first time that she had a scar. It was only due to the wind blowing and the way her hair was pushed back, but he saw the thin whit line just behind her temple.

Then she spoke. “Sish is an anomaly.”

Grave waited for more, but it was in vain. Sara walked away, clearly not wanting to say anymore. He hated it, but Grave would have to bother her more. He ran to catch up with her. It wasn’t hard since he was fit and had longer legs than most men. Being in his mid-forties didn’t slow Grave Rim down!

“Sara, I think you should know,” Grave said as he slowed down to walk beside the tanned blond.

She glanced his way, but kept walking toward where the men worked. They were pulling the cans from a large wagon. It was immense, making even Grave feel small in comparison to the massive structure. Unlike normal horse-drawn wagons, this one had four wheels and a wooden roof that stretched almost twenty paces into the air. It looked like a transport wagon that Farmers used….

“Know what?” Sara asked from Grave’s side. He shook his head. Focus.

“I sent Sish into the city.”

Sara’s eyes went wide. For some reason, she did not yell or accuse him of stupidity like he thought she would. After a moment, she simply nodded and mumbled something under her breath while walking away. Grave shook his head. Did he just hear her right?

Sara had said, “And so it begins.”

The End

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