Sish walked, trying to ignore the man following behind him. On his back were two quarter staves, each tipped with iron rings and small spikes. They were designed to injure, but not kill. Sish had decided to wear his long brown robe, tipped with red fringe. Under that were simple trousers and a white shirt. Sadly, he had to leave his good boots behind and use new boots that Grave had provided. Breaking in new shoes was annoying as it was, let alone having to walk to a damned city a week away!

“Hey!” Sish called back, unable to ignore the man any longer, “Are you going to actually talk to me, or just keep following, Kojack?”

There came no answer, and for a second Sish thought he was gone. That, however, was a false hope, for as he looked back, Sish saw the tall older man in his regal attire still trodding behind him. It had been two days since Sish had been told to travel Fetona and look for clues on the Lost God. Sish cursed Grave’s name, then. He would rather insult a Farmer than travel to Fetona, even IF it had clues on the Lost God’s whereabouts.

As it got dark, Sish started to hunt. Having been a Nomad for a year, like most the other in the rebellion, and raised as a homeless Commons had etched a very useful set of skills in Sish. He could survive off the land, like the Farmers, and fight on equal terms with most people he fought, except Grave.

Now he would use those skills to catch himself some dinner.

As usual, Kojack had disappeared for the night, allowing himself to probably catch something to eat as well. He may have been old, but even Sish never doubted Kojack. The man was… well, a legend. He had saved Grave several times and there was even a rumor he won the big Arena tourney when he was younger. Sish generally never like Divine entertainment, but some of the things were enjoyable, especially the tourney, where Commons and Divine both could fight it out. Maybe he could join the tourney during his visit. Surely he was old enough and it would make that damned city a little better.

Well, first things were first.

Sish caught a small rabbit and started himself a fire to cook it. It never really got cold toward Fetona like it did in the Wilds, but it was still chilly so Sish kept the fire going well into the night. The rabbit filled him enough to actually sleep, but, for some reason, he couldn’t.

He knew what it was. Fetona.

How could he just walk back into that place? The damn Divines, who thought they ownd the place, and those Heralds, ruling with an iron fist they called Religious Right! It was unfair! The people in the Commons suffered and lost ones they loved to a Divine’s plot or scheme. Sish hated it.

But, he wanted to find the Lost God, more.

“Oh Lord, who is lost, why do you have to elude me?” Sish said, reciting from memory a prayer his mother once spoke to him. “Oh Lord, who is unseen, why is it I must find you? Oh Lord, who cries alone, why can you not appear? In hope of your find, I search, in weary of my failure, I do not stop. Forever searching, I am your seeker.”

Sish finished and lay back, finally giving up on keeping the fire going. It was at that moment that a rustling came through the bushes. Stretching out his Will, Sish surrounded his two quarter staves laying on the ground beside them and pulled them into the air. There was a limit to how much surface area a person could cover with his Will, mostly not even able to cover one staff. Sish was glad at moments like these for the massive Will he possessed.

“Relax, Sish, it is I.”

Sish let the quarter staves fall to the ground, but did not remove his will from them. “Kojack?”

Sure enough, the old man was walking out of the bushes and toward the fire that was almost dead. “I thought I  might need to be a guard, since there are wolves about.”

Sish didn’t question the man. He trusted Kojack, despite his constant annoyance at the snobby man’s attitude, and soon Sish was sleeping. 

The End

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