Grave watched Sish go. It was a pity that the child had so much anger in him. The Lost God was a being that should have been found by someone pure of heart. Sish had a ways to go before he could begin his search.

From behind him, Grave heard a soft footstep. “So, you were listening Kojack.”

The figure started walking again, this time coming into the light of the candle. Kojack Barried was a tall man, though not very built like Grave was, with long hair tied back. Among his many roles in the Nomads, he was first and foremost Grave’s second in command. Such an odd man, but at least more reliable than any of the other Grave knew and that was valuable.

“It was hard not to, my lord,” Kojack replied with a bow.

“Stop that! I am no Divine snob! I quit being one when I started this rebellion!” Grave sneered. Kojack had been with him from the beginning, possessing a Greater Will. Because of this, his body was weaker than most and his Will more powerful. It seemed like every week he was sick with something.

“As you say, my lord,” Kojack replied, obviously not even hearing what Grave had said.

“Look, I need you to do me a favor, old friend,” Grave said, thinking to himself as he did. Was this really a good idea? But.. with things like they were in Fetona, there wasn’t much time.  “I am going to go ahead and send Sish Carna to Fetona so he can begin his search.”

“What did you say?” Kojack said, finally showing a bit of emotion. The man wasn’t completely stiff, at least. It would be boring if he were. Grave liked people with emotions.

“Look, the City will be good for him. He will adapt like he always does and it may even make him grow up.” Grave pulled the pipe from his mouth with his Will. He had never taken the Will from the pipe. He never did when smoking.

Kojack looked to be in thought. The stiff always did that when he thought on something hard. It was like he wanted to be the stereotypical butler to a Divine even after both of them had been kicked out of Fetona. It had already been two years since that event and one year since the Nomads were formed. Grave was still surprised at their numbers. Thirty eight thousand and eight hundred and eighty three people in the camp… Among them were Commons and even a few Divines. One year had gathered this much…


Grave pulled himself from his thoughts. “You agree with me yet?”

“As if I had a choice, my lord,” Kojack replied. “I have decided that your idea may have some merit, but it is still a bit risky.” His face was a perfect canvas of calm, but Grave knew Kojack to be worried about something happening to Sish.

The boy was their greatest weapon, after all.

“Why don’t you watch over him, then?”

Kojack’s mask of calm broke into a surprised look. That was new. “Me, sir? I need to be by your side! Surely there are others who would be more suited to watch over the boy?”

Grave simply looked at the older man. “I trust you, Kojack. I can’t trust the others like I do you, for they have not proved themselves. The Words of the Gods says that one must be tested in order to gain trust. Well, you have been tested plenty of times over.”

“Tested, my lord?”

“Yes,” Grave said, nodding, “When the other Divines discovered my alliance with the rebels, who was it that warned me and essentially led me from death? When I was sick from my wounds in the wilds, who was it that hunted and nursed me back to health? And when the Nomads were first formed, who was it that defended me from that assassin sent from the Divines of Fetona?”

Kojack sighed, giving in. He hated to be reminded of his acts of heroism. To him, it was something he did not deserve. He had just been doing his duty, after all. But, to Grave, it showed the true compassion and trust that Kojack had.

“As you command, my lord,” Kojack said, then bowed.

The End

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