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In a world were every living thing is finite, down to the last blade of grass, there is tension. In the one and only city of Fetona, the lower class people - the Commons - are oppressed by their superiors - the Divines. Over time, their oppressed emotions built and built, making them strike back in small ways. Now, the tension is reaching the max. Can there be a solution, or will a massive conflict rise forth?
To four men, the only solution is the Lost God, the creator of life who was lost at t

"In the beginning there was the Void, a place desolate of life and matter. This Void was not the beginning, though. It was the ending of a peoples. One that had misused the natural rules of their worlds. These are the Deserters, for they abandoned the most basic of laws, and they are the ones we no longer know. 

In their wake, however, were the three Gods left. These Gods were once the watchers of the Deserters, but realized they had failed. The first God was named Fesh. He governed life and felt the impact of the Deserter's tragedy the heaviest. The second God was Tojere, and he was referred to as the Radiant God, or the Conquering Savior. It is he that thought Fesh was not to blame and the Deserters deserved the fate they brought on themselves. He tried to comfort Fesh, but to no avail. The last God was Nama, the Abyssal One. It is he who resided over death and rebirth. He had no thoughts on the matter and simply drifted.

In his depression, Fesh decided to do something rash. He started creating. At first, he gathered up the remnants of the Deserters original land and melded them together. He found a pleasing shape in this and started adding water in craters he had made for lakes and sharp protrusions for mountains. When he was pleased with himself and his work, Fesh started working on the plants and animals of the land. 

At this point Tojere had noticed and tried to warn Fesh of the dangers of creating another world was. Fesh was reminded several times over about the Deserters and their eventual destruction. Fesh ignored Tojere, though, and kept building. The land he called Jana, for it's beauty reminded him of a Deserter called Jana who had been devout even to the end. 

Fesh finished his creation and found it pleasing. Fish of all varieties populated the waters, plants of all types covered all the land, and animals moved in herds like patches of life. There was only one thing left to create, but Tojere had forseen this thought and forbid Fesh from creating humans. 

Tojere's order fell on deaf ears, though. 

The next day, some say the seventh day of Fesh's work, Tojere and Nama journeyed to were Fesh had been creating. When they arrived, however, he was not to be found. In his place, though, the two Gods saw humans populating the world of Jana. 

'What has he done?!' Tojere yelled, preparing to wipe out the humans and the world of Jana. He was stopped by Nama, but only barely. His anger had created disease and tragedy in the perfect world even without touching it.

Nama explained then that Fesh had let himself become human and if the humans died, so would Fesh. Tojere was angry, but Nama had held him back. The two Gods searched among the humans, anxious to find one that was their lost companion. When they realized it was impossible, the two Gods decided on a plan. 

Now, the Radiant God Tojere watches over Jana, being a guide for all humans, hoping that Fesh might one day regain his memories and senses and join his other Gods. The Abyssal God Nama watches over the death and rebirth of souls, making sure they stay on Jana so that Fesh can be found.

And the Lost God Fesh waits. Whether he enjoys being human or truly forgot his Godhood is unknown. All that is known is he must be found before death and tragedy can be stopped."

"Well, that was worthless to read," Sish said, leaning back in his chair and placing Marvus Herm's Lost God's Genesis back on the table with his other books. He had been searching these books for any trace of the location of the Lost God. Sure, he knew it was probably in the only city in Jana, Fetona, but he was hopeful that he wouldn't have to go there just yet.

A large figure with spiked hair and leather armor strolled in the small wooden cabin. "Any luck in this batch?" Grave Rim, leader of the Nomads, asked as he sat down beside Sish. 

Despite being larger in just about every way, and a Divine to boot, Grave was a very generous man. He had convinced Sish that his purpose was finding the Lost God and even stolen loads of books for him to read. Being a Nomad, Grave lived in the Wilds north of Fetona with the rest of his people. The Nomads were the only civilization outside of Fetona. But, who would move out in the lands when they had plenty of food and water? Other than the Farmers, it was stupid to city folk. 

"No, those cursed city folk just talk about the basic, not caring about the Lost Gods location..." Sish hated the so-called Trinity followers. They claimed to aspire to the Radiant God, yet fell short of even the simplest of kindness. They said they respected the Abyssal God, but participated in life-threatening events. And worst of all, they claimed to search for the Lost God. Where was the fruits of their efforts? Where was the attempts? By the Lost God, they were so hypocritical!

Grave seemed to notice Sish's bad mood. "Calm down, Sish," he said in his usual voice - soft but commanding. "We have a few more books you can go through. Maybe one of them will hold a clue." With that, he fished a pipe out of his armor and lit it up. As usual, the pipe floated on it's own, being supported by Grave's Will. It was a trivial thing, but Grave seemed to like using his Divine Will any way he could. 

"Wait? Read more? That is just wasting time!" Sish was angry at that point. How could Grave, the LEADER of the Nomads and the rebellion against the Heralds who dominated Fetona, be calm and patient all the time? Didn't he ever get frustrated!? Sish always got mad like this when he thought about it. 

"You are only 18, Sish," Grave said, light of his striker illuminating his rocky face and the scars that adorned it, "You have a lot of life left ahead. Perhaps when you grow a few years older I will send you off to Fetona with Mandra and the others. But, you must be patient."

Sish sat back down, realizing he had stood, and pushed his hand through his own short hair, feeling each black strand against his palm. It was soothing, making his forget all of his anger in a few moments. A habit like that was bad, though, as it always made people feel he was evil or something. From what Grave had told him, only Heralds did that.

"Anyway, I am going out for a bit. I need to train with Drett before I go hunting again." Sish stood to leave. 

"True God's Blessing, Sish," Grave said, reaching out with his will to move the candle Sish had been using. That was another odd thing. Apparently, only Sish could see the lines of Will in use. They appeared as nearly invisible mist that stretched from their user and surrounded an object. The candle moved slowly to Grave's side of the table, obviously so the melted wax wouldn't spill. 

"And to you, Grave."

With that, Sish left. Grave followed the Absolute religion like most of the other Nomads. Sish understood it, but he just couldn't accept it. The only difference between the Absolute and the Trinity religion of Fetona was that the Radiant and Abyssal Gods were just a part of the Lost God that he left behind. Lingering Wills. Sish didn't believe it. 

To be honest, Sish didn't believe in the other Gods existences at all.



The End

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