The Camp

“Cut that out. You can ask me who I am instead of prying into my mind.” She told him as she dabbed his forhead with a damp cloth. His voice croaked as he tried to apologise to her, she glanced at him breifly before she put down the cloth and brought her cupped hand close to his mouth.

        Fresh cold water gushed into his parched mouth which he gratefully swallowed - he shot upright, choking on the water but something held him back and he fell back down against soft silky cushions. This stopped him from choking and he slowly lifted both of his arms up until they were stopped. He glanced down at his wrists to see that he had been shackled to an object behind him somewhere.

      “A precaution,” The girl explained to him “We normally just integrate newcomers before their shot at but those guards are followers of Mikado. My uncle was furious and he hopes there are no hard feelings.” She gave him another handful of water.

     “He will remove them if you mean us no harm and he learns of your intentions as to why you are crossing the desert. Until he has seen you, you are not allowed out of my tent.” She finished as she gave him another drink “I was the only person willing to share a tent with…an Elf.” She glanced at his pointed ears.

     “I have so many questions I want to ask you and I suppose you have lots for me as well.” She added. The Elf remained silent as he surveyed the girl before him. The girl was dressed in a thin silky outfit, a faded blue colour that matched her eyes, her long dark hair came past shoulder length and her skin was lovely and tanned from living under the sun all her life. He had to admit that she was very beautiful for a human. He noticed that his sword was missing but thought nothing of it since he was restrained, it seemed only nature that they'd take his sword.

      "Who are you?" the Elf asked her, his lips moving slowly over the words, testing the strenght of his own voice. The girl leaned back, relieved that her guest was regaining his strenght.

      " Uncle is the head of this -" she paused, a look of concentration passed over her face, "This place." Kaldea glanced away from the Elf's unblinking gaze as she asked him what his name was. The Elf maintained his silent gaze until Kaldea nervously squeezed the cloth that was now in her hand. A small smirk spread across the Elf's face breifly.

"Breyvan. My name is Breyvan"


The End

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