Chapter One (One)

It was cold. How though? It should be at least twenty degrees Celsius. Outside looks like a frosted wasteland. Cold and lonely. My sister, Rosa is asleep on the sofa and seems too look like the view, cold and lonely. I place a blanket on her, softly, trying not to wake her, and go outside for some fresh air.

I walk into my garden and I’m greeted by snow. It’s not that hard to find snow in Ireland, it snows all the time, but not in summer. I find myself drifting towards the old grocery shop. 'Eva’s Food emporium’, it was called. It had all you needed in there for a small corner shop. I bought my first mars bar from there; I’ve been hooked ever since. Everyone in my Village knew, Eva. All the boys fancied her and all the girls wanted to be her. She was lovely in all aspects. She was twenty four when she died. The shop has been shut ever since.

In my Village, it’s easy to find food and water, there are farms everywhere and everyone gives you some sort of discount because we all know each other so well. My arms start to shiver, so I open my old rucksack my mum gave to me and find my old jumper. Smells like Mars bars, I chuckle. It’s been four years since my brother ran away with his dream of being a famous skateboarder and my Dad, told him to think of a more ‘practical’ job.

Mitch hated my Dad for that.

He used to call and text, sometimes he would even come up for a couple days to see us. Never Dad, though. He used to stay at home, claiming he had ‘washing’ or ‘needed to catch up on work stuff’. We all knew he didn’t want to come. Too see his eldest son wasted away into a skinny, whiter version of his former self.  My big brother, Mitch. The youngest skateboarding champion in Europe. When he won competitions, he got so much publicity, his weekly visits turned into monthly, then yearly. He called it ‘Independence’. I called it forgetting who you once were.

The End

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