The Lost

It started out as a normal day. My brother Andrew and I sat at the table eating our Cocoa Puffs while Mom and Dad made eggs and toast. Coffee was brewing in the coffee pot, filling the small kitchen with it's sweet, yet bitter aromas.
I was wearing my usual outfit consisting of a long sleeve shirt, hiding my canvas of scars, and some jeans, and my torn up Chuck Taylor's.
Andrew looked at his phone and sighed heavily. "Mom, I need the keys."
Mom laughed, not turning away from her frying pan. "Andrew dear, you lost your license. Rachel has to drive you."
"Yeah, you know that kiddo." Dad said.
He sighed angrily. "Ray, can we go now? Please?"
I nodded and pushed away from the table. I grabbed both of our cereal bowls and set them in the sink. I kissed Mom and Dad goodbye and grabbed the keys to our family Sedan. I grabbed my backpack off of the couch and walked out the door.
The chill of the morning hit my face, and I ran my fingers through my hair. Andrew came out of the house.
"Were you okay last night?" he asked me. Andrew was the only one who knew about my cutting. He never told Mom or Dad which I was thankful.
"Yeah. I didn't do anything." I said walking towards the car.
"How long has it been?" he asked me.
I smiled at my accomplishment. "A year today."
"Great job, Ray... Now, drive. Let's go."
I got in the car feeling proud of myself... For once.

The End

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