Be The Change

By educating ourselves, and building social awareness of the conditions and complexities which make mental illness such a difficult issue to address, we can help reduce the general misconceptions and stereotyping associated with this disease. There is a community memorial being arranged through the David Busby Centre to be held on the week of September 22nd. The details will be posted here as soon as they are confirmed.

I anticipate a large gathering for the service to pay respects to Lucy, and to the many individuals who have passed away on our streets before her.

“We should be grateful that Lucy had a family that loved and cared for her dearly, as we in Barrie did and will continue to do. The effect of Lucy’s passing will leave a legacy to those of us left behind; to always love, listen, and speak up.” Ally expresses. “Reach out. Be part of the revolution for change. For hope. For Lucy.”

In closing, Sandra shared her appreciation to those who did care for Lucy:

“Thanks to all who helped her while she was homeless outside the TD bank. May my cousin rest in peace.

Love you cuz.”


Online Help & Information Resources:

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Centres for Addiction and Mental Health:

The Mental Health Helpline:

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