The Lords of Trivault

Before the creatures walked the face of the world of Daes, the Ev'Relach Sogema (Brothers of Metal) toiled in the Great Forge of Rynndal (the Odem of Fire). There they created the shapes that would decide the structure of all creatures that would roam free in the forests and mountains. These shapes made from the twelve primary metals were put into the Reglam Well that resided in the Trivault and created the Twelve Lords who would then traverse the world and educate it in all the ways of wisdom.

Translated and transcribed by the Lanstam Group of Fornaas Listuary.
Original by Ktupra of Thornskin Fiaine, 1st age.


To properly convey this account we must first understand a few important aspects that are not common knowledge. When a simple understanding of the early ages is achieved, one may understand with more precise acuity the raw power of the Twelve Lords. Even in the days of the First Children, of whom the original author of this tome was a part, the power of the Lords was witnessed yet not fully understood. Though it has been over a dozen thousand years since those early days of witness, we believe that our understanding of the their majesty is more complete due to the myriad legends that have been passed down by the divergent lands of Daes.

The Aspects

  • The Precipitant
    The true name of the Brothers of Metal and the Sisters of Stone is actually "The Precipitant". This is a title meaning, simply, that they were precipitated directly from the Will of the Odem and were not born or forged by any natural known means. These creatures are considered the designers of all life on the planet. When they created the designs of the Lords of Trivault, they sent forth an echo that would affect the design of all life for the rest of time. 
  • The Great Forge and Trivault
    Though the mythical name, Trivault, has been known by many since the earliest of times, very few know its original heritage. When the Brothers of Fire worked their forges in the deepest places of the world; The Great Forge of Rynndal; Chamber of Ten Thousand Fires, there was an anteroom that was used for cooling and storing the finished masterpieces. This anteroom housed the Reglam Well, designated by Rynndal, Meark and all of the Odem to be the most powerful of all the Wells(containing the signature of all twelve Odem) and "the place were the Chord would be struck". The anteroom (now known as Trivault) and the Great Forge have never been found to this day but is believed by many to have been a real place somewhere under the Dragonback Mountains.
  • The author
    Although there is some vauge knowledge of the Fiaine Legacy in all corners of the world, there is a dizzying wealth of history about the Thornskin Fiaine and in particular Ktupra -this tome's original author.  Though it is known that the Fiaine were an ancient people now long died out and that thier favor in this world was to have the gift of remembering everything ever taught to thier particular lineage. It was said that their knowledge was retained in the blood and could never be forgotten. They were rightly designated by many as the True Chroniclers of Daes.

Birth of The Trivault Lords

1 The Chamber of Ten Thousand Fires was emptied.
   In the anteroom they gathered
   Ten and Two Great Brothers stood
4 At the rim of the Reglam they sung
   With arms outstretched; hands held the future

The End

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