Home again


Chapter 5


“Why are you in this desert Joe?” Bill asked. “I was looking for my lost horse that went missing. I live in Mexico” answered Joe. “Well you sure came far, for a little boy. Did you know we are in the South America Desert?” The wise man asked. Joe was astonished. He had never traveled that far from home! “Can you take me home on one of your camels?” asked Joe. “Sure, I’ll go to Mexico and you show me which house to go to, ok, Stated Bill. So off they went to Mexico. One day after that, they were out of the desert and past the cliff were Joe had thought he heard a horse. They were only a few miles from Joe’s town, so they kept traveling. Four hours later they were at Joe’s house. He thanked the men and went inside. He was very sad that he had not found his horse. Joe’s mom and dad hugged him and asked him to tell them about his journey, so Joe told about what happened. After he was done he went back outside and to where his horse used to be, but he heard a horse. He went inside the stable and there was his horse. Once he got inside, his dad had a surprise for Joe. Joe was crowned King for going where no other boy has gone on a journey.

The End

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