The New Room

Chapter 4


 Joe walked around the room and looked at it. Egyptians stuff was in the room, like Egyptians staffs, bracelets and amazing other things that are about Egyptians. Joe heard something coming. He looked behind him. The Mummy was right behind Joe. His hair spiked up. Joe was so scared by the mummy’s fiery red gloomy eyes and the bloody white rappers around him. The mummy grabbed his hands and then the mummy whistled, and three other mummies came from opposite directions. One had a tape recorder and the other ones were holding hands. The mummy turned the music on and they started dancing to the box dance! It was very funny! The other one started dancing with Joe. Joe was getting sick of dancing with the mummy that he threw up on the mummy. The mummy looked at itself. He went in a different room and came back clean in five seconds. Joe looked into the room; there was a bathtub! Joe giggled and went under the mummy’s legs and into the room, and down a very long hall. He grabbed a torch and went deeper into a dark room. Then the fire on the torch suddenly went out! Joe saw some green eyes that were squinty, big, and noticeable! He moved sideways to get away. The eyes moved sideways. Joe moved back, the eyes moved forward. Joe wanted to just scream, but Joe held his breath and jumped over the big squinty eyes. He turned around and the eyes were gone. Joe reached out and grabbed a doorknob and opened the door. He could just see the light switch and turned it on and he went back were the eyes were, while holding his breath and closed his eyes. Joe crashed into a wall, he opened his eyes and turned around and he saw some cats! Joe laughed so hard. He was so scared and all it was was three pair of cat’s eyes! Joe bent down to pick up a kitten.  When he picked up the kitten, it started to purr! “Purr, meowed the kitten. Joe hugged the ca and set it down and said goodbye. Then Joe left the room and went back down the hall. He peeked into the new room and nobody was there. So he went back to the beginning of the chamber and pushed himself back outside into the hot dessert sand. Joe was so exhausted from no sleep in a week. He lay down in the sand for a nap. Four hours later, Joe was just waking up when he heard something tramping toward him. Joe got up and looked to see what it was. He saw a big cloud of dust. “Not again” Joe said. The cloud of dust was a herd of camels, twenty of them! But instead of the camels running on top of Joe, they stopped. He opened his eyes, “that was a close one!” thought Joe. He looked up, and there were four men on some of the camels and the rest of the camels had the men’s gear on their backs. “Who are you?” asked one of the men. Joe didn’t speak. “Did you hear me? I asked who you are?” said the man again.

“I, I…um, well! My name is Joe, and yours?” Joe asked. “I am Bill! Here is my gang!

The End

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