The Chamber in The Desert


  Chapter 3


 When Joe’s mom and dad were crying, Joe was in the dessert. He sat down to get a drink, but when he bent over, he saw a huge stampede of camels. What were they scared of? And why were the camels coming towards him? Well he didn’t care about that, he got up quickly and ran. He saw a chamber and turned to the chamber and pushed himself in. He watched in a crack through the chamber door. Very soon he saw something going past the chamber. He looked closer. It was a Mummy! Joe screamed. Eventually the Mummy heard him. The Mummy started towards the chamber. Joe started running deeper into the chamber. He stopped and looked back at the door. The Mummy was pushing himself in! Joe stayed there for a little bit longer until the Mummy got in and saw him. Joe started running again. The Mummy chased Joe and tripped, but Joe didn’t stop running until he was in a different room

The End

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