Horse Missing

 Chapter 2


The next day the birds woke Joe up. He couldn’t hear his horse neighing. He went outside. His horse was missing. He ran inside, “I’ll just have to go by foot” Joe said. He grabbed a rope, a lantern, a tent, some oil, some food, a water bottle and a jug of water, a map, and a hat and left a note for his mom and dad. He walked through the fog and ponds and walked two miles until he decided to take a break.   He took a peach out of his backpack and took a great huge bite. When he was back on the road, he walked a few more miles until he heard something. He went a few more steps then he listened. It was his horse neighing, so he started running and stopped at a cliff and lost his balance and fell of the cliff. He started going faster and faster. He looked down to see a branch on the cliff. He got his rope. Joe swung it around the branch and fell down holding the rope. When the rope was nice and tight, he climbed up the rope and jumped on to the branch and it was very unsturdy. It began to bend so he untied the rope.  He spotted a tree at the top of the cliff, but his rope could not reach the tree. He tried to jump to the top of the cliff but it didn’t work. So he tried to climb it and he managed to slowly move up the cliff, so he climbed and climbed and climbed and climbed until he was at the top. Meanwhile his mom and dad were reading Joe’s note. It said, “My horse is missing, I had to go by foot. I will be back in a month.” Joe’s parents started to cry. Joe was gone. They had no idea where he was. They started crying and sobbing even more. They were very sad!
The End

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