The Lord of the City


Chapter 1


Once upon a time, there lived a rich family. The family had a baby nine years after they got married. One day he would be the lord. They named him Joe.

  He grew up to be a strong boy. He always set the table with a good feast. He also had a young mare. One night he was awakened by his horses neighing and hooves stomping. “What is it girl?” At the end of town, was smoke, rising into the night sky. He ran into the house, yelling, “Mom – Dad! Wake up! There is smoke at the end of town! I’m going to check it out” He hopped on his horse and he went. He was there in a jiffy and there was a huge steaming fire right near two houses. It was getting closer. He spotted a well and he pulled up the bucket and splashed the water on the fire. He didn’t stop until the fire was out. Then he rode back home and gave his horse some carrots. “Good girl” he said. Then he went inside to get some sleep

The End

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