The Looking Glass People Part Two




            “Takeshi, where is my helmet?” Chinatsu groaned, walking towards her friend. Takeshi snickered, and shrugged. “Ugh! Naoko’s petty tricks are the death of me!” She grumbled, kicking a stone off into the distance. Takeshi grinned.

            “Chinatsu-chan, calm down!” He said; patting his friend’s back.

            “Don’t ask me to calm down, Takeshi! I want my Shurikens, and I want them NOW. So, if you happen to see Naoko when he returns from Asahiro, tell him that I will no longer tolerate this childish trickery!” Chinatsu shouted, stomping off into her tent. They were in the Mieko Forest, on their way to the Kenji River. The river would then lead them to the palace of the mirror world, where they would attack Izumi.

            As Chinatsu sulked in her tent, Isamu and Kagami were having a conversation up in a tree.

            “Kagami-sensei,” said Isamu politely. Kagami nodded in acknowledgement. “Is Chinatsu-chan your daughter?” She asked curiously. She knew that Kagami wouldn’t answer so hastily. So, she was prepared for something bitter.

            “Well, do not say so to her, but yes,” replied Kagami. Isamu nodded obediently. For her own parents were imprisoned, she was raised by Kagami in the recent years. “Her father did not know that I was one of the Looking Glass People himself!” She laughed, tears streaming down her pale face.

            “Kagami-sensei, don’t you have an older daughter?” Isamu asked, remembering the Naoko told her so.

            “Yes, we named her Pamela, but her real name is Amaya,” murmured the woman. “She is not a child of this world, though. So, she will not and will never belong to the mirror world.”

            “But why is Chinatsu-chan destined to save us all?” Isamu didn’t get it. Why didn’t Amaya save Hiroshi? Kagami laughed softly.

            “Isamu-san, have you learned nothing for me? Everyone has a purpose. Amaya has a different one than Chinatsu,” said Kagami, before disappearing into thin air yet again. Isamu gasped, and nearly fell over the tree.

            “She has GOT to stop doing that,” muttered the girl as she jumped down onto the earth. She slapped the tent where Chinatsu slept in. “Chinatsu-chan!” She said impatiently. The flap opened, and Chinatsu emerged.

            “Yes, Isamu?” Chinatsu replied airily. Isamu groaned.

            “You can’t just sulk around because Naoko took your Shurikens! Come on, let’s go and have a ride on the horses!” The cheery Isamu suggested. Before Chinatsu had the time to reply, Isamu ran off, Chinatsu tagging along like a dog following its owner. Mirror horses were quite different from our horses. They were winged, and had red and white marks on their faces. Isamu’s horse, Nishi, had a red and white mark in the shape of a moon. Chinatsu had no horse, because she had not done something to earn one. Isamu had saved Takeshi once from a fire, and that was when Kagami gave her Nishi. But Chinatsu had yet to earn her own horse. Meanwhile, she and Naoko would share a horse named Xu. Xu had a mark that was shaped like a blade, and Naoko was very proud of his horse. This vexed Chinatsu very much, and she often pushed Naoko off of Xu when he began to brag. But because Naoko was gone at Asahiro to visit a medicine person, Chinatsu had brave Xu all to herself.

            “Isamu,” began Chinatsu as they mounted up on their horses. “What did Naoko-san do to earn Xu?” She asked curiously. Isamu tilted her head as she searched her brain for the answer.

            “Oh, Naoko took the place of our father when he didn’t have to. It was supposed to be Takeshi’s job, but he decided it was his responsibility,” whispered Isamu. “But don’t tell Naoko that I told you so. He will get angry. He wanted to be a warrior like Takeshi is,” added Isamu, a glint of amusement shone in her eyes. Chinatsu nodded, and they took off. The horses only flew when in urgent situations, so the two girls just galloped around the camp area. Chinatsu sighed inwardly. Would she ever earn her own horse? She didn’t think she was suitable for one, anyways. Was she even suitable for saving her father? Isamu read her friend’s thoughts, and instantly said aloud, “Don’t worry, Chinatsu-chan. With a heart like yours, I’m sure you’ll get a horse in no time!” Chinatsu looked up, and glared at Isamu.

            “I didn’t tell you to read my thoughts, Isamu. That’s rude!” She spat, riding back into the camp. Isamu called after her, but Chinatsu didn’t listen. She jumped off of Xu, and ran into Naoko. “Oh, hi, Naoko,” muttered the girl, starting to walk off.

            “Chinatsu? Is something the matter?” Naoko asked, scratching the back of his head. Chinatsu shook her head, and ran into her tent.


            Night fell, and when Chinatsu went out for dinner, she heard something that made her stomach lurch.

            “Where’s Isamu? I haven’t seen her all evening,” murmured Takeshi to Naoko, as they sipped some soup that Kagami had made for them all.

            “I haven’t either, but I heard that she and Chinatsu went out for a ride. I don’t think she came back…” Naoko replied, his expression serious and concerned.

            “Hey, Chinatsu-chan! Did Isamu come back from your ride?” Takeshi asked Chinatsu as she took a seat beside Naoko. Chinatsu bit her lip, and shrugged. Naoko furrowed his eyebrows in thought.

            “She’s probably out with Nishi,” thought Naoko aloud. Chinatsu shrugged again, for she was uncertain. Takeshi nodded, and the three continued their dinner in silence. In the distance, they could hear a wolf cry out into the night, and Chinatsu wondered more and more about Isamu.


            The next day, Chinatsu awoke in late morning, as she was the last to go to her tent the previous night. She was getting dressed into her clothes as she heard a bloodcurdling scream from Isamu’s tent. She pulled on her hood, and ran out. She found Takeshi standing outside the tent, blushing furiously. Naoko emerged from his tent, as well, confused.

            “What-” Chinatsu was cut off as a red-faced Isamu exited her tent. Naoko glanced at Takeshi, who looked down at the ground, his eyes closed.

            “Don’t you ever enter my tent again, you snake!” She cried, pointing at Takeshi savagely. Chinatsu’s eyes widened. Isamu’s short black hair was a shade of green. Isamu suddenly realized that Naoko, Kagami and Chinatsu were watching. “Oh, no…” She whispered, and started to cry as she ran inside her tent. Naoko raised an eyebrow, and slowly walked towards his sister’s tent. Chinatsu made no move, for any sudden movement could cause another eruption. As Naoko entered Isamu’s tent, Takeshi made his way to his own.

            “Wait, Takeshi,” said Chinatsu, stopping the boy in his tracks. Takeshi turned around, and winced. “Why is her hair-?”

            “I don’t know. I was just going to get her some soup from last night. Then, I saw her hair, and she went nuts on me,” mumbled Takeshi. Chinatsu nodded, and Takeshi went off to think about how he would apologize.

            After many hours, Isamu emerged from her tent, her now green hair tied into a petite ponytail. Chinatsu chose to avoid her friend, though. Isamu wasn’t in a very good mood. Finally, Chinatsu broke the silence.

            “I’m sorry that I left you, yesterday,” whispered she as the two packed up their tents. It was time to move on to the Kenji River. Isamu grimaced, and continued to pack away.

            “It’s alright. It wasn’t your fault. I was going into your private thoughts, and that wasn’t very polite of me,” replied Isamu. Chinatsu was silent, waiting for Isamu to explain why her hair was green. “Izumi’s henchmen got me and interrogated me for our location. I didn’t say anything, of course,” said Isamu at last. Chinatsu smirked as she visualized the ogres. “So, they made me go to sleep with a spell, and did THIS to my hair!” Isamu held out a few locks of her green hair.

            “Oh, come on, Isamu,” said Takeshi as he walked past. “You look pretty anyhow!” He laughed, joining Naoko and the others. Chinatsu glanced at her friend, who stared at the ground, blushing.



            Meanwhile, on the outskirts of Asahiro, there stood a young woman, who looked just the age of a university student. She was dressed strangely, and looked lost and confused. She squealed as a firm hand clutched her shoulder. She whipped around, and found herself face to face with a tall man with broad shoulders. He was armed with two swords, and he was dressed very magnificently.

            “Queen Izumi’s been expecting you…Pamela,” said the man. Pamela gulped.

            “W-who are you? Where am I?”

            “Answers are forbidden outside of the palace. But I am Chokichi,” replied the man sternly. “Come, I will lead you to Jul, our palace,” added Chokichi, his brown eyes glazed. Pamela felt entranced, and followed the man, holding his hand. Chokichi wore a diamond-shaped locket and he opened it, red sparks flying out. A blinding light filled the alley, and Pamela screamed, as the two traveled in the warp of mirrors.


            “Everyone’s asleep now, Naoko,” said Chinatsu quietly. Naoko didn’t listen. He leaned over, and watched the glittery waves of the river. Chinatsu sighed. “Do you think I’m good enough to lead you all?” The question flowed out like a waterfall. Naoko turned around, and raised an eyebrow.

            “What kind of question is that, Chinatsu?” He asked, approaching the girl. For the past few weeks, they had become friends. Chinatsu shook her head.

           “Don’t be like that, Naoko! You know you’re better than me! I’m just a new kid,” cried the girl. Naoko smirked.

            “Why would I be better than you? We both have equal strengths and weaknesses. Chinatsu, you are destined for this. It means that you are good enough!” Naoko said firmly. “Look, you are one of the most pure people I have met! There is no way that you are not suited for this.”

            “You’re just saying that! Maybe I’m meant for this because my father was the leader,” muttered Chinatsu, feeling helpless. Naoko gaped. He went up to her, and held her chin up.

            “Your father’s position in this clan has NOTHING to do with yours. You were chosen because you were chosen. You have a purpose, and that’s that,” whispered the boy, staring down at Chinatsu’s face. Chinatsu didn’t know how, but suddenly, she found herself in Naoko’s strong arms. He made her feel so shy and alive at times. She turned away.

            “Go to sleep, now, Naoko. It’s late,” said Chinatsu suddenly, pulling away. It wasn’t right for a twelve year-old to hug a guy. “I’ll patrol the boat.”

            “O-okay, good night, Chinatsu,” replied Naoko in a wobbly voice as he walked off. Chinatsu sighed heavily. It hurt whenever she was with Naoko, but it hurt even more NOT being with him.

“Your Highness, I’ve brought Amaya-san,” declared Chokichi as he carried a sleeping Pamela in his arms. He bowed before the throne, which was overshadowed in darkness. The bottom of a purple gown emerged from the dark. Chokichi took a breath as Izumi entered into the light. Izumi was getting old, but her hair was as black as ever, and her skin was smooth and pale. She wore a long purple gown and a dark blue cloak. A silver crown lay upon her head, and she held her head high.

            “Ah, for once, you’ve succeeded in one of your missions, Chokichi,” said the queen of the mirror world icily; her dark eyes a black hole of cold heartedness. The man simply grunted in reply. Pamela began to stir, and Izumi hurried down the stairs that led up to the golden throne. The moment Pamela awoke, Izumi had gotten control of the poor woman’s mind. Izumi had mastered the power of hypnotism. Even Chokichi, the former sky king, had fallen prey to Izumi’s vicious ways.

            “Awake from your trance, Pamela,” said Izumi, snapping her fingers. Pamela found herself feeling unusually relaxed as she lay in the arms of Chokichi. “Hello, dear child. I am Queen Izumi!” The dark queen smiled sweetly, her voice dripping like poison.

            “I’m Pamela Rain,” said Pamela shyly.

            “Your sister and parents have disappeared, have they not?” Izumi asked, pouting. Pamela nodded cautiously. “Well, they’ve come here, to the mirror world! Welcome, Pamela!” The girl simply blinked up at the queen.

            “What mirror world?” The girl asked, confused.

            “You mean your parents never told you about their real home?” The queen gasped, faking shock. Pamela shook her head, her eyebrows furrowed as she thought. “Your father was a rebel here and your mother too. I had to put your father, the wretched criminal, into our prison. But your mother was afraid, and hid. Your sister was raised knowing about our world. She is the leader of his clan now…” Izumi declared, and a hum of voices danced around the room. Pamela felt scared.

            “They never told me,” whispered the young woman, her green eyes filled with sudden hatred.

            “They didn’t? You were their eldest child. You were born here. You should have been told, right, Chokichi?” Izumi hissed her sweet voice like poison to Pamela. Chokichi, of course, had no other choice than to nod in obedience. Pamela’s eyes hardened.

            “Why should I care? My father was a criminal in this world,” muttered she, looking away.

            “Oh, dear Pamela! I feel your deep pain to know that your family is a bunch of thieves and traitors. But…” The queen paused gracefully, smiling her evil smile. Pamela looked up.


            “But I offer a way out of this…horrible reputation,” whispered Izumi to Pamela. “If you become my adopted child, then you will completely erase your past. I can make you forget all these horrible people that you have lived with!”

            “You can?” Pamela asked, acting like a child on Santa’s lap. Izumi smiled inwardly. She had gotten through to this foolish girl. She nodded, and Pamela said, “Then, may I become your child?”

            “Of course, dear child,” replied the queen. “You must do one thing, though,” said the queen, pausing again. Pamela nodded vigorously in desperation. “I have to change your name.” Pamela was silent.

            “Why do you have to change my name?”

            “Oh, dear child,” laughed Izumi. “The name I will give you will be special. Unlike any other name,” explained the queen. Pamela blinked, as she thought this over. “Here, here, sign this,” ordered Izumi, as she handed Pamela papers.

            “O-okay,” replied the girl, signing it with a fountain pen. Izumi smiled. This was going well. Red sparks flew out of the papers, and Pamela screamed in pain, as two symbols appeared on her left arm.

            “There you go,” murmured Izumi. “Amaya Izumi is your new name.” The symbols were simple. They were a moon and a raindrop. This was the meaning of Amaya. Pamela looked up at Izumi in horror. What had she done? This was a trick!

            “You…tricked me!” The female whispered, her eyes wild with fear. She tried to escape, but Chokichi held a strong grip on her. Izumi snapped, and again, Pamela became entranced.

            “That was a close one,” mumbled the queen. She turned to Chokichi. “Bring her to the spare room.” There was a nod, and off Chokichi went, leaving the sea queen troubled. “Chinatsu is coming.”



The End

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