The Looking Glass People

Meet Christian, an eleven year old, oh excuse me. TWELVE YEAR OLD girl. She's normal. She has nothing strange about her. Except for the fact that she hails from a world of magic and wonder. Suddenly, she's the warrior Chinatsu and suddenly she's not that boring old twelve year old she used to be. Meet Christian, leader of the Looking Glass People.


The Looking Glass People

Part One

by: Iva Lucido



            “Christian, you’re going to be late!” A voice cried, shaking the figure of a twelve year-old. Christian Eleanor Rain simply groaned. Why did her mother have to ruin her dream?

            Dreams were about the only home Christian had. Of course, she lived in a detached house with her mother and sister. But ever since Mr. Rain died, she felt…disconnected from the two other females. For one thing, Christian’s older sister, Pamela, was in university, and never visited because she went to university in England. Christian didn’t want to follow her sister’s footsteps into Oxford, anyways. She loved to swim, and hoped to become an athlete in the Olympics. But, it was a dream that she found no hope in living.

            “Christian, are you sick?” Her mother asked, placing her warm hand on her daughter’s forehead. “Oh, my. What a temperature,” breathed the woman.

            “Mom, I’m fine. I’ll go to school,” sighed Christian as she sat up. Mrs. Rain stared worriedly at her daughter. “You go on to work, now…”

            Mrs. Rain worked at a bookstore in the neighboring city, so it was quite a journey to and from the house. Christian often visited on weekends, but she usually went to bed before her mother returned. Even so, Mrs. Rain was a wonderful mother. But Mr. Rain and Christian shared magical secrets with each other, and Christian felt that she couldn’t tell anyone about it.


            “Daddy, what are you doing?” A young four year-old asked Mr. Rain as he held a golden sword in his hand, staring at his reflection. He jolted; surprised that Christian had found her way into his secret hideout in the hidden room.

            “Christian, how did you get into here?” Her father replied, placing the sword on his desk. Little Christian grinned mischievously as she explained. Mr. Rain simply grinned, and patted his daughter’s head. “Well, I suppose I might as well tell you my little secret,” said Mr. Rain, his eyes gleaming.

            “What secret, Daddy? What secret? What secret?” His daughter asked excitedly, her eyes widening at the sword. It glowed, even when it was late at night. She reached out to touch it, but her father blocked her way.

            “I’ll tell you, but it’s going to be a secret between you and me. Promise not to touch the sword, alright?” The man said, crouching down, Christian’s eyes level with his own. Christian bit her lip, for it was tempting.

            “Oh, alright,” agreed the little girl, as she stared at her father, waiting for the secret.

            “Good girl,” whispered Mr. Rain as he kissed his daughter’s forehead. “Now, here we go. Long ago, there lived two sisters. There was Miyako and Izumi. The two were years apart. Izumi was ten years older than young Miyako. Now, many boys admired Izumi and Miyako. But one day, a boy named Chokichi befriended Izumi. Chokichi and Miyako had been friends for years. But when Izumi began to hog Chokichi, Miyako became overshadowed, and disappeared. Many wondered where the girl went off to. But no one ever found out. Chokichi was blamed for Miyako’s sudden absence in the palace. Chokichi soon disappeared himself, and then it was Izumi who was blamed. Izumi became cold-hearted and cruel, but then she disappeared as well many years later. It is said that the three became the sun, the sky and the sea. But the truth is, they were sent to the mirror world. The mirror world can be a place of light and joy. But it can also become a dark and evil place. When Miyako arrived in the mirror world, she became the light queen. When Chokichi came along, he became the sky king. Finally, when Izumi came, she became the sea queen. But Izumi grew jealous of her sister, and killed Miyako. Chokichi loved Miyako, and attempted to avenge her. But, Izumi had the charms of a siren, and hypnotized Chokichi into forgetting about Miyako. The mirror world became dark, and for years it stayed so. But then, a young boy named Hiroshi learned the truth of the three mirror rulers. He grew up, and ran away from the mirror world, into the world Miyako came from. He learned defensive arts there, and when he was old enough, he would go to the mirror world from time to time to attempt to defeat Queen Izumi. He still does so, and one day, he will disappear forever and become Izumi’s prisoner. But his young follower, Chinatsu; courageous and good-hearted, will defeat Izumi and release everyone under her whim. She will lead the warriors, whom we call the Looking Glass People,” said Mr. Rain softly. Christian knew that her father was Hiroshi. That meant that whoever Chinatsu was, she knew her father well. It was a secret. Christian would never tell her mother or sister. As she grew up, her father would teach her about the mirror world, and how to defend herself. Christian often wondered, “Where is Chinatsu?”


            “Christian, don’t forget to hand in your assignment on Friday,” ordered Ms. Jameson sternly. Christian nodded, and ran off to join her friends, Mallory and Taylor.

            “Hey, guys,” greeted Christian softly, as she caught up with them. Mallory turned, and grinned.

            “Hi, Christian!” Mallory replied, her red curls bouncing up and down. Taylor waved. The three had been friends for as long as they could remember, and Christian always hung out with them. But when her father “died”, they suddenly broke off because Christian would get angry easily. “Ms. Jameson was really weird today,” sighed Mal.

            “I know! She just kept smiling like a coyote about to devour its meal…creepy,” added Taylor. Christian arched her eyebrow.

            “She was the same to me,” mumbled she. Mallory and Taylor could not hear her, though. They were already switching subjects to the clothes they were wearing. Christian honestly didn’t care much for clothing. She often mismatched her socks anyways.


            “Bye, Christian!” The two yelled as they finally reached home. Christian still had a long way home. While she went she continued to think about what happened while her dad was still alive. Christian sighed. She closed her eyes as she walked, and it almost felt like he was there, hugging her tightly. Did you have to disappear now, Hiroshi Rain? She thought to herself scornfully.

            “Get out of the way!” She heard a voice scream. Christian opened her eyes, and she gasped as a speeding car made its way towards her. She closed her eyes, and her heart stopped. SCREECH! Christian felt like she was sinking, sinking into death.


            She didn’t feel pain for a long time. Christian knew she was in the world. She knew she was in the mirror world. Slowly, she opened her eyes. She hadn’t gotten hit. Not a scratch was upon her. Christian felt exhilarated. She was in the very world her father had told her about. The world where her father had been imprisoned. That hit her like a stone. She had to save him! But how? Maybe she should seek Chinatsu.

            “Who are you, stranger?” A voice interrupted Christian’s thoughts. She looked up, and was face to face with a girl her age. Christian squealed, falling over onto the earth. She suddenly started to take notice of her surroundings. It was a grassy place. However, the grass was not green as it was in her world. It was…white! Christian whipped her head around, and started to notice that the trees were not green, but silver and gold. She gaped. “Hello, I’m talking to you!” Christian looked up again, and started to notice more of the girl standing before her. She had a simple dress that was ankle-high. It was a sandy color, with sea green stripes all around.

            “I’m Christian Eleanor Rain,” said Christian at last. The girl crossed her arms, and arched an eyebrow.

            “I’m Isamu, child of Ito and Haru,” replied the girl. She offered a hand, and Christian took it to stand. “Christian, huh? What a strange name. You must not be from the Jun region,” muttered Isamu.

            “No, I’m not from this world at all…” Christian murmured. Isamu stopped dead, and she whipped around, her eyes wild.

            “Don’t say that! Izumi has spies everywhere. She will kill anyone who is not of the mirror world!” Isamu hissed, running; Christian tagging along. It was like her father told her. Mirror people could run faster than humans could. Christian could only make out blurs of what they were passing. Every color was silver, gold or white. Isamu had black hair, though.

            At last, Isamu stopped. There stood a hooded figure in front of a small temple. Christian raised an eyebrow.

            “Isamu, what are you doing here so early in the morning?” The figure asked, taking off its hood. Christian gaped as it revealed a mirror image of her mother.

            “Kagami, this is Christian,” panted Isamu, her short black hair blowing in the breeze. Kagami glanced at Christian, her eyes widening. For a moment, Christian thought that Kagami would reach over and hug her. But Kagami only nodded.

            “An outsider of our world, I can see…” The woman murmured. She reached into her pocket, and pulled out a heart shaped locket. “Izumi might catch you, so wear this at ALL times. It will disguise your appearance,” advised Kagami. She placed it around Christian’s neck. “Never tell your name to anyone else, alright?”

            “Why can’t I tell my name?” Christian asked, dumbfounded.

            “Izumi keeps track of all names mentioned. If she reads your name, you will be imprisoned in the land of the dark,” explained the woman, putting her hood on again. Instantly, Kagami vanished into thin air. Christian’s jaw dropped. Isamu took her hand.

            “Let me see your locket,” said she. Christian leaned over, and Isamu stared at the heart. “Kagami is the keeper of charms and records in our clan,” muttered Isamu as if she could read Christian’s thoughts.

            “Do you know about a warrior that was imprisoned a month ago?” Christian asked, glancing around. Isamu laughed, and grimaced.

            “Many warriors are imprisoned in the land of the dark, Christian. If you tell me the name, it will narrow it down a bit,” whispered Isamu.

            “But I thought we can’t mention names…”

            “We can as long as it is not an outsider’s name,” breathed Isamu, taking Christian’s hand and leading her into the temple. “The temple is safe from Izumi’s magic anyways.” The temple was as small as a closet, and was beautifully decorated with ivory and glass. Eighteen small mirrors were hung on the walls. Christian felt her father’s presence in this temple.

            “Have you heard of Hiroshi Rain?” Christian asked, in a soft whisper. Isamu gasped, dropping Christian’s hand instantly.

            “Of course I have! He was the best warrior that fought against Izumi!” Isamu cried, grinning as she punched her fist in the air.

            “Isamu, he’s my father,” whispered Christian, closing her eyes. She waited for a reply, but there was none. She opened them again, but Isamu was just staring at her.

            “You’re Hiroshi Rain’s daughter? Why didn’t you tell me before?!” The girl exclaimed, her eyes wide in excitement. “Do you know Chinatsu?”

            “No, of course not. I’ve never met the girl in my life,” replied Christian, shrugging. Isamu smiled.

            “Come on, you have to at least talk to Naoko, my brother!” Isamu shouted, tugging Christian’s locket.

            “Huh? Don’t touch that! What are you doing?!” She screamed as Isamu opened it. Red flashes of light erupted from the locket, and a blinding light filled the temple. Christian clung onto Isamu’s arm, screaming. She slowly opened her dark eyes and released her friend’s arm. Isamu was laughing, and so was another boy, taller than both of the girls.

            “Let me guess. Isamu opened the locket, right?” The dark-haired boy snickered. Christian scowled, and nodded hesitantly. “I’m Naoko, the knowledge keeper of our clan…” Naoko paused, and laughed yet again.

            “Don’t let him get to you,” reassured Isamu, patting Christian’s shoulder. Naoko finally stopped “Naoko, this is HIS daughter,” muttered Isamu. Christian knew that now that they were not in a temple, it wasn’t safe to say her father’s name. Naoko’s eyes widened. He suddenly knelt to the ground.

            “Forgive me, daughter of the brave one!” The boy apologized. Christian slowly backed away in fear.

            “I don’t think that’s necessary, but thanks anyways…” Christian mumbled. Naoko stood up immediately, and saluted. They were in a crowded marketplace, and people passing by stared at Christian. Christian slapped her forehead. “People are watching, Naoko!”

            “Don’t worry; they are used to Naoko and his strange ways!” Isamu laughed, taking Christian’s hand and leading her and Naoko to a dark alley. “Naoko, she says she does not know Chinatsu…” There was a moment of silence between the three. All of a sudden, the boy erupted into fits of laughter.

           “You girls certainly do not know much about the very man whom we all admire!” Naoko chuckled. He stopped, and glanced at Christian. She knew what he was going to say next. But she didn’t want to believe it. He lifted a finger, and pointed at her. “You are Chinatsu. You will lead us all into battle against Izumi. We have to release Chokichi from his spell in order to save your father!” Isamu gaped.

            “Naoko, are you certain that Chinatsu is her?” The pretty girl asked, uncertain of her brother’s choice. The boy rolled his eyes.


            “Of course, she is Chinatsu! What is your real name?” He turned to Christian. Isamu glared at her brother.

            Should I say it? Christian thought to her in worry.

            Don’t worry, say it to me now, another thought said. Christian jolted. Suddenly, she remembered that mirror people could send thoughts to one another.

            It’s Christian, replied her thought to Naoko’s.

            Your father didn’t teach anyone else the arts of the Looking Glass, right?  In came Naoko’s reply. Christian shrugged, and turned red at thought. Naoko grinned, and nodded in understanding. No, I didn’t think so. You were his only follower. It means you are Chinatsu!

            “Naoko, stop whatever you are doing with Christian’s mind now!” Isamu warned her brother.

            “I had a sister. She’s Pamela,” said Christian quietly. Isamu elbowed her friend. Christian hung her head.

            “It isn’t safe talking about them here! We must go to the others now!” Isamu told the two, taking both their hands and leading them towards the wilderness yet again. After a while of walking, Isamu began to run again, and they reached a tall tower that spun up into the silver skies. Christian stared up at the tower in awe, but before she could say anything, Isamu pulled her inside. Naoko kept his silence, and stared at the ground. Christian, on the other hand, gasped at all the wonderful sights.

            “Where are we, Isamu?” She asked at last. Isamu ignored Christian, and opened a door. Christian sighed, and entered. She jumped as she spotted a familiar face. It was her neighbor, Takeshi! Now she knew why he called her “Mirror Girl.” He must be a descendant of a Looking Glass warrior. Soon, she learned every member’s name. There were eighteen warriors that were not imprisoned and all were there at the tower.

            The eldest male, Masahiro, was seventeen, and was the guard of the tower of unity. Then, there was Kagami, the charm and records keeper. Takeshi was just a warrior, Naoko was the keeper of knowledge, and Isamu was a warrior as well. The rest of them were warriors. Of course, they had been in hiding for the last two years. But now that they found Chinatsu, all was well. Or, at least, it was going to be.

The End

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