The looking glass.

I stepped one foot over the other. I could see straight through it, like glass. The water frozen solid. Like a leap of faith I thought. The soles of my trainers gliding over the ice like sheet. I didn’t know that walking on water would feel like this, or else I would have made sure that I put some better shoes on. Or at least one with grip’s.

The others were further behind me, they hadn’t got the hang of it like me. My balance being quite good, steady I thought, so as not to slip in. Into the dark waters underneath. Were are we? I thought again. This world of upside down and topsy turvy. One minute I’m sat taking a tour around this old house and the next minute, I’m here. Sucked in by the looking glass. Strange, but it didn’t feel altogether bad. Just weird. For a few seconds I could feel the panic start to rise. Thankfully all the training I had received had kicked in and I calmed myself down. Was I dreaming, hell no, it felt real enough.

1) adjust to the surroundings.

2) asses the situation.

3) Take the necessary precautions.

4) use my initiative.

5) Keep the mind focused and clear at all times.


Huh, what was number 6? Get home safely, and in one piece. Years of specialist training for what? If this was some kind of a joke, then its just not funny. The water looks like ice, but as I reach down and touch it with my hand its wet, and real enough, not solid. But yet to my feet it is like glass. I look straight ahead, not wanting to be distracted by the others. Once I get to the other side I can work out a plan to help them through. My arms out stretched either side of me, like walking the tight rope.

A splash behind me and a shout. I stand perfectly poised and still, and just turn my head slightly to take a look.

‘Its Jase’ Screams Sam. “he’s gone under’.

‘ok’ I shout. Thinking what do I do? Do I go on or turn back.

“he can’t get out’ ‘he’s gona drown,’ Sam is screaming. “the top is frozen solid, it wont let him out” Her screams going right through me.

What kinda crazy thing is this? I wonder, shouting to Sam to keep calm. If she is not careful she will go under too.

And then as if its all a dream, I’m transported back, into that room.

I look around, my papers in my hand. The group still stood there listening to my talk, but what was I saying.

Oh yes I remember, I was telling them about the Looking Glass.

The End

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