Chapter 2 (not from Mickeys POV)

"More strange than true..."
Floyd stepped through the curtain, the stage lights bearing down on him like the weight of the mistakes he had made.
"These antique fables nor these fairy toys.
Lovers and madmen have such seething brains
Such shaping fantasies that apprehend."
Todd was leaning back in his seat, his blood red scarf wrapped around his neck as he read his Shakespeare.
The stage lights weren't doing his pale skin Any favours.
"More than cool reason ever comprehends.
The lunatic, the lover and the poet."
"Are of.."
Todd slowed down as Floyd knelt down next to his table. 
"Todd, I need your help."
"Never interrupt a thespians performance Floyd. It's embarrassing."
Floyd looked out at the empty chairs, a set of gravestones that Jason was desperately trying to find life in from his table.
"I'm in a jam and I'm going to need a quick fix... Know anyone with a wrench and a brain?"
"Well its not my issue. You've got no one to blame for this but yourself."
"I know what I did was wrong, don't gimme an earful, without those results I would've failed! We're all clawing for credits in this damn hell hole, I was just making sure I was flame retardant."
Todd paused. He was weighing up the options and Floyd knew for a fact that he couldn't rush the informant. It was bad for business.
"Alright..." He stretched it out like police tape. "You're going to need Mickey."
"He's a problem solver... Though he's gonna need..." He cupped his hand, rubbing his two fingers against his thumb.
"I've got plenty of that, its what got me in this problem in the first place!"
Again, weighing up. However the scales were moving in Floyd's favour this time.
"Alright," Todd took out his journal, "I'll give you where he is, and you can get off my stage."
He handed Floyd a note scribbled with scratchy writing from within the pages.
"Break a leg," Floyd whispered through his teeth, standing up and leaving. 
Todd's words flooded the room.
"The lover, the lunatic and the poet..."
Floyd shuddered at the deep tone that was beginning to grow in Todd's voice.
"Are of imagination, all compact..."
He closed the door behind him, catching one more line of the script that hung in the air like a puppet on strings.
"One sees more devils than vast hell can hold.

The End

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