Chapter 1

My name is Mickey Parker. I'm a low life in a school yard, the scruffy mutt that your parents warn you about. I'm the grime that's slowly waisting away at the education system. I'm the blind spot in your sight when you're looking back but you need me. You need me becuase I'm the only guy that can actually solve problems. Floyd Stone comes to Mickey for help. Someone's blackmailing him for proof that he cheated on an exam. But is this one case that Mickey can't solve in time? for, as the high

It was the longest walk I had ever taken as my footsteps thumped down the passageway. 
It was one of those walks where the object of your desire is far away. Far away like a friend who had once trusted you had been. Far away after they find out that they can't trust you. Far away like... Far away like Floyd was to me. I saw him.
His face as he sat down, toying with that dirty money, his face was hard. Hard like that test he had cheated on four days ago. Little rich boy don't look so hot no more.
His tie was loose and messed up. His maid probably lost all will to iron it. 
Finally, I reached him. He stood up and tried to duck but I grabbed him, ramming him up against the wall in his rich jacket.
"Okay you're gonna listen and I'm gonna talk, got it?" I grunted through gritted teeth.
"Okay got it." There's that rich voice.
"She tricked us, don't you see?"
"I see... I see that you screwed me around!" He shoved me back.
"I screwed you?" I ask. Anyone that says ignorance is bliss clearly never met this guy.
"Yes, you screwed me. I came to you for help!"
Everything slowed down... A train wreck that I was scrambling to hit the breaks for.
How did I get here? Look at this guy... He came to me for help and all I could think about was his dirty money... I need to change it. I've been selfish. I've been stupid and greedy... And I let her win. I reflect back on this now and realise the mirror is all rusted... Everything is a ghost of its former self. Maybe I can make things better. I'll help Floyd and save him from expulsion... I can break things off with Carmen, give Mister Sternwood his cheque back... I can apologise to Vivian... Actually... That's how I got here isn't it? Vivian...

The End

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