The End, or ???

I had always been a lover of life, a clinger if you will to the will to live.  I could never understand why someone would end their own life, all that has changed, I couldn't shake the old man no matter what I did, he was there, day in and day out, like a sore that wouldn't heal.  I'd had enough.  I lay there on the floor my life ebbing away.  I didn't really regret it, my life had been good, at least the majority of it had.  Thinking back I did see my life flash, the final thought was of my last birthday..  my last birthday, yes, everyone had been there, Juliette brought out the cake, Hal teased me about how many candles there had been.. how many candles... so many candles.  Ahhh The realization came, so many candles..
My life drifted away, my mind settled, I smiled.  The old man.. had been me afterall...

The End

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