Now that the hat's gone

It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  The hat was gone, the mirror was gone, I felt free.
I thought about the old man as I set about making my dinner, I wondered,  what food had he been fond of?  I turned the steak over in the pan a couple of times, I liked it rare.  My salad stuff chilled in the fridge.  Now, what to drink..  I hadn't enjoyed a good meal in a long time, dealing with the old man had made my appetite scarce but tonight, I was going to eat my food and, I looked at the mirrored wine cabinet, I was going to have a nice glass of Merlot.. "you must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss" 
I stopped in my tracks, I couldn't breathe, my muscles tightened and I prepared my throat for the scream..  "THIS CAN'T BE!"  "I BROKE YOU!"  "I SAW YOU, YOU WEREN'T EVEN WHOLE!" "I BROKE YOU, I GAVE YOU AWAY!"  "I ATTACHED YOU TO THE HAT, YOU COULDN'T LEAVE THERE!"  "I GAVE YOU TO herold..."  I fell to the floor, sobbing as the scream trailed off.  I'd freed him, I'd broken him, I'd given him away..  why was he here?  What did he want?
I finally fell asleep in the fetal position on the floor.  What did he want, I didn't know, my mind was sick, tired, I couldn't focus..  The question rolled over and over in my head.. "What does he want?"

The End

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