Detaching the Old Man!

This was not sensible, I struck the mirror with my fist, it shattered, pieces fell at my feet.  I stared into the shards that were left, he stared back at me but, that was ok, I was whole, he wasn't.  I began to laugh, he was just pieces.. fragments of a man, he'd never be whole, just like he'd never be able to leave the glass.  The thought made me giddy with happiness.  I could go to movies, go to restaurants, to the beach, I could go ANYWHERE, he was stuck in the glass.
Then I began to feel bad for him, what must it be like?  I wondered, was it cold in there?  How did the world look to him, did he see me the way I saw him?  Did.. he.. feel?
I had to do something.  I would want someone to do something for me if I were stuck in what I see as a desolate place.  But, how?  What could I do?  One thing was sure.. my first task would be to figure out how to free him, how did I detach the old man?

The End

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