Long Walk Home

I felt satisfied.. Beaver hmm who would have thoguht.  I touched the soft fur.  Imagine that, these beings attached themselves to hats.. I wondered to myself, if i hadn't gone into that shop, what would have happened?
The sun had set by the time I made it to Lansing St.  I walked past the old church and thought about the early part of the day, the time I'd thought it had been a challenge for me.  Instead, I learn something new.. beings that attach themselves to hats.
I turned the key in the lock, pushed open the door.  I was tired, the events of the day had been something.  
Then the thought hit me, I wanted to look at the hat.. I hadn't really had a chance to look at it, see what it looked like on me.
I walked into my bedroom, threw my suit coat across the back of the chair and walked over to the mirror..
What was this!  I stared in astonishment.. There he was, the old man, there he was, in the mirror.. he wore the  Beaver hat.. How had he attached himself to this hat?   

The End

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