My reflection, my nemesis..

How did he get here!  I began to look around, I wanted to find the mode of transport for this being that haunted me.  I paced back and forth in front of the window, he paced back and forth with me.  He wore the same suit, the same hat.
Had I done something to someone?  Was God angry with me or, was this a test.. yes a test ..maybe,  it was Satan!  
Oh.. I bet that's what it was, Satan had thrown down a challenge to God.. He thinks I will curse God for this, he thinks I will succumb to the thing in the mirror but, he doesn't understand my resilience, my ability to over come.  Now that I understood, now that I knew what the game was, I could play.
I said a silent prayer to God and told Him, I wouldn't let Him down.. No, I could answer that challenge.  I asked God for His help and said Amen.
Well, look at this, the old man is praying too.  "What you praying for?"
"Are you asking your god to help you?"  I laughed at him, silly old man.  Let's see if he can leave that glass and buy a hat.. 

The End

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