To Venture outside

I thought about the situation..  The new mirror, the old mirror, would it be every mirror?
I stood it against the wall and watched the old man.  He moved like me.  I made faces at him, he made faces back, just like mine.  I reached out and touched the cold glass as if I would be able to feel him, his density, his substance but, it was just cold and smooth.
I put a chair in front of the mirror and sat there, staring at it.  Maybe, if I sat long enough, he would get tired and leave.
No.. he was persistent, he perservered.  "What do you want!"  "Why are you here, why do you continue to hound me, to make my life a living hell, , tell me what do you want?"
His mouth moved, he made the same gestures I made, he wanted me to think he was me but, he wasn't, "THAT WAS NOT ME!"  
I had to think, I sat there for a while, what to do?  And there it was, he.. was in the mirror, he couldn't leave but, I could.  I would leave this place, leave him embedded in his cold smooth tomb.  
I placed my Fedora on my head and  walked through the door.  The sun energized me, it's rays touched my face and made me warm. Ha here was something he would never feel.  I headed downtown.
It was wonderful, I watched the children play in the park,  their laughter warmed my heart.  Looking across the park I saw a little shop with hats, I loved hats.  
I sang as I strode through the park, I all but skipped when I reached the sidewalk in front of the shop..  But, no, what was this... there he was, I began to cry.. There he was, the old man, his dim eyes stared back at me from the window of the shop! 

The End

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