Disappearing SiblingsMature

One morning, days after the death of most of my family, I woke up. Both Jill and Roman were asleep. It was very cold, so I went to look for some firewood, to make it warmer. While searching for some firewood, I came upon a little hut. I heard a lot of talking and chattering, so I took a peek through the window. It was a party. With many people. So I grabbed the firewood and went to fetch my brother and sister.

When I got there, all I saw was dirt. Both my sister and brother were gone. I found a note that read," We know where you are, keep running, and we'll kill you." 

I only had one guess to who this could be, King Errahan! How foolish of me to leave my brother and sister here asleep! I should have known better. Oh well, all I knew was, I had to go and find them, dead or alive. But first, maybe I can get some help, from the party guests.

The End

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