The EscapeMature

My father was a very intelligent person, and so was my mother. So they put there heads together, and at approximately  three in the morning, we made our escape. We watched every move we made, crawling like snakes, not making a sound. Even the slightest sound could expose us to the guards. 

After we successfully made it out of Shadow Lake alive, it was like beginning a whole new chapter in my life. I have never before felt so free, I felt like I had the ability to do anything. But, we were unaware of two things, we still had one guard patrolling just a bit outside the border of Shadow Lake, and he had along with him a guard dog. 

We heard barking, and we saw the dog. Behind him, ten or so guards rushing, coming toward us. All I could remember was the screams of my parents, and my siblings. I got away along with my younger sister, Jill, and my younger brother, Roman. The next morning, we came back to where we saw the dead remains of my two parents, and my siblings.

"Jill, Roman, we can't stay here much longer," I told them. "We have to get out have here before someone spots us."

So they followed, and for days we walked in the dreadful desert, with nothing but our bare hands and the clothes on our backs. 

The End

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