The Taxing ActMature

After the surprise attack, our town was left in ruins. The undefeated army of King Errahan just lost its first battle, and we were one of the few people to have a home. Since the king had very little money to pay off all of the debt and to rebuild the town's property, he started putting a weekly tax on everything, and I mean everything. He charged us on bread, water, books, newspapers, and even on our property. 

Eventually, my family didn't have the money to pay off all of the taxes and feed our family, so the king took a piece of wood from our little house each week to be even with the taxes. He put all of this wood plus  the tax money he earned to build a bigger castle for himself. 

Once our entire house was gone, the king threatened to throw my family and I into the prison, so we had no choice but to escape. 

The End

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