The Small Quite Town of Shadow LakeMature

Shadow Lake is one of the most dreadful places on earth. It's creepy, quite, small, dark, and is ruled by one of the most ludicrous kings ever brought to this universe. His name is King Errahan, and is hated. He has one of the biggest, undefeated army in the entire country. He also makes ridiculous laws, and hates every soul in Shadow Lake. When I was ten, there was a park called Whispering Trees, it was one of the few places that everyone got together, and had fun. Whether it was talking about how stupid King Errahan is, or to play with your friends. But one day the king came and destroyed the park and built a prison.

"Anyone who dares criticize me," he said,"is going in here, for three weeks, with no food or water, and if you are still alive in there, you are hung, or stoned."

After that, you never left your house. When you did, you will see a soldier in every corner, at every doorstep, guarding, making sure no one speaks harshly to the king. The only reasons one left there house is to go to school, or go to the market and buy bread and water for your family.

Weeks after the prison was built, only half of the town was still alive, since most dared to stand up for themselves. The king also closed off the town, and hired more soldiers and put them on the outskirts of the town. No one could get in, no one could get out. He also started a "Junior Army." When you reached the age of seventeen , you had to join this army, and anyone who refused or tried to hide, was thrown in to the prison. 

One night, there was a surprise attack on the town. Many homes were destroyed, but thankfully, no one was killed. Of course since my family was one of the richest in town, we payed to make ourselves a new home. Of course it wasn't as big as our last home, but it was better than nothing.

The End

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