The Long RunMature

A teenage boy is separated from the last few people in his family, and goes on an adventure to find out what happened to his family.

I had to run, as fast as I can, to flee from the king’s security. Of course many of you are right now thinking, “What are you doing?” Well let me tell you my story.

My name is Trey. I was born to a very wealthy family in a small town called Shadow Lake. This land was ruled by a very powerful, but mindless king. That king was the least favored person in the whole world. He was very selfish, for the richer you were, the more taxes you had to pay. But, even though my family was very rich, we never were able to pay all of the taxes, for I had ten other siblings, and my parents didn’t have the money to pay taxes and feed all of us. Of course, since this was a law, we had to pay somehow. The king compromised, with himself, on how he should make us pay. So doing that, he took on piece of wood from our house every week, so we can pay our taxes. Now I’m sure you are all thinking, why would the king only take a piece of wood from your house each week. Well the reasons are, he put the wood along with the tax money he earned to make him a bigger castle. Years later, we had nothing left but our bare hands and our health. My parents had to pay the king in money. We couldn’t stay there much longer, so we fled the town. Two weeks later, my parents along with two of my sisters and six of my brothers died from starvation and diseases. One morning, I went out looking for wood, and when I came back to where my two remaining siblings were sleeping, all I saw was a deserted camp spot. I never did know what happened to my two siblings. I never did know who took them. But years later I found out, but in the middle of those years, I went through many hardships and fights. Now, my life mission, is to get revenge on the king of Shadow Lake.

The End

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