Love You Long Tim

'Split the cost?'

This was the standard question when attending the movie theatre, and although Tim already knew the answer, he asked anyway; it was like a ritual.

'Of course.' This was the standard answer, too.

James had parked his car just around the corner, out of sight to those who had already payed for their movie, and as usual, Pete was oblivious to all except the money in his sticky hands.

Now, James had climbed into the backseat of Tim's rusty blue Ford Focus, and when the time was right, he would nudge the door open a crack and squeeze out. When the time was right...

As the car in front of Tim's stopped at the booth, James took his chance and opened the door, checking if he could be seen, and then crawled out of the door shutting it lightly behind him.

Tim drove on.

'One please.'

Pete looked stunned. 'You on your own?'

'I sure am. Nothing like a little romcom to ease the pain.'

He gave him one of his signature smiles, handed over the money, and drove to a spot he liked the look of, leaving Pete to deal with the next driver.

Pulling up to the parking space and turning the engine off, Tim sat back, waiting for the entertainment to begin. The entertainment being not the film he had paid for, but the events that preceded the film.

Namely, James' attempt to sneak in un-noticed.

A smile crept onto his face as Tim saw the first sign of movement: a forehead and eyes pop up from behind the fence that lined the theatre.

To the left of the screen, as far away from Pete as possible, James glanced over the top of the fence to ensure that he would not be seen by the people who mattered. Pete, and any goody-goodies that would turn him in.

In one smooth maneuvre, James threw himself over the fence, sliding down the other side, and then crawling through the bushes, edging closer to the car.

From the distance, he could see Tim's car. He always had to park far away. He got a kick out of this, the sadistic freak.

Three rows back. That was doable.

Making a run for the first car in sight, James slid towards it as if sliding into first base. The couple in the car seemed oblivious to his presence, which was fortunate, because a run-in this early would give Tim the kick he wanted.

Taking another peek, James moved up another row, and caught sight of the last car entering the theatre.

The film would start any second, and Pete would then have his gaze fixed on the screen, making it even harder to move around below it.

Making one last bolt for victory, James sprinted towards the car, and upon arrival, dived through the open passenger window, much to the delight of Tim.

'Excellent work. I think that was the most entertaining entrance yet!' exclaimed Tim with a huge toothy grin.

Out of breath, James panted, 'Your turn next week.'

Tim laughed loudly as the sissy romance began.

The End

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