The Lonely One (ending, My version)

this is my version of the ending of the book 'The Lonely One'
I hope you enjoy reading this :)

A man cleared his throat…..


She turned around and she saw a figure in the darkness, he was wearing a long black gothic coat with fury leather boots and messed up hair like he has never washed his hair in a while and he wore a very dark red scarf.

 She froze. She was as still as a lamppost.

She was terrified, so terrified that she wished she was back in the ravine, then she wished that she had listened to her friend and slept over then she would not be in this mess “who are you?” she said in fear, the stranger replied “Let’s say….” He paused for two minutes trying to play with her just for fun. Lavinia thought what was going through his head and why did he pause. “I am the Angel of death, and your time is up!”

“No” she gasped and she ran out the room and ran into the kitchen then picked up the biggest knife she could find. She tried to open the back door but it was locked, then she tried the window but that was locked too. Lavinia hid herself in a secret cupboard under the kitchen table.


The stranger came into the kitchen,

“Where are you?” he said in a faint manly voice.

The stranger walked over to the back door in the far corner and he tried to open it to see if it was still locked, “I know you’re in here poppet”

“Why me!” she gasped. The stranger heard her gasp then he started walking towards where she was, he kneeled down then put his hand on the cupboard then she sprung out knocking the stranger back on floor, she ran her fastest out the kitchen then    

Up the stairs but she tripped on the sixth step and dropped the knife down the stairs. Panicked, she ran into her room and locked the door and hid under her bed.


“Lavinia” a faint voice came from the downstairs.


“I am on the first step, I am going to get you”… “I am on the second step”… “I am on the third step”… “I am on the fourth step”… “I am on the fifth step”… “I am on the sixth step”… then she heard a voice “who are you?” then there was a second voice “I am DEATH” the second stranger replied “what” the first stranger said but the second voice sounded familiar, too familiar. Bang that sounded like someone popping two balloons at the same time.

He fell down the stairs then hit the bottom with a big thump!


“What was that?” Lavinia said quietly she stood up very slowly, so slow that she made no noise. She started creeping towards to door like a mouse in the darkness.

As she reached the door she heard somebody moaning

Then she heard another gun shot and the Front door shutting.

She thought she was safe, so she looked out the window to see if anyone went out, she thought she saw some one turn around the corner. She was happy she survived.


She went to the door to see if the man was dead, she unlocked the door and peeked her head around the corner then looked down the stairs and saw the man at the bottom, but she couldn’t hardly see him properly because it was very dark. She started to go down the stairs very slowly counting every step down like in the ravine, 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… bottom, there was a body lying lifeless at Lavinias feet. She stood over him and saw that he got shot in the head “who shot him?” Lavinia said in confusion, as she was thinking who it could have shot him and who he was somebody crept up behined her.

‘CLICK’ someone cocked a pistol behind her and put it to the back of her head.


“Hi hunny”  


“Dad”? Lavinia said in shock as she turned around ‘BANG’………‘BANG’


Lavinia’s life flashed before her eyes, from the beginning of her life when she had her first Christmas and first birthday, and the day she first went to the zoo, when she first stroked a parrot and give an apple to a monkey and all of the other happiest days of her life and the day she first met her best friends that stood by her till the end, then the end of her life came to her like a sudden rush, like lightning hitting a person without warning. Her heart dropped as she realized the end has come for her. Then it DID.


Two people died in that house on that cold and restless night but only one body was found by the police, it was NOT the girl, it was the body of a hit man, hired to kill Lavinia…… He is still out there, somewhere……The Lonely One… The one no one knows, not even himself.




By Ryan Barker

The lonely One Ending (My Version)             

The End

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