He started to think about this dream during his classwork and daily tasks throughout the days. He kept blocking out, what love meant to him, and how he's hungry for it. He was tired of seeing others experience it, listening to it in his many varieties of music, and he was just tired of being alone, especially with his life, as a man. So for him to move on, he had to block it out in all his aspects of his life, even his dreams... Drey closed his eyes...

Drey carried a glass of white wine into the empty kitchen. For the first time in the two months that he has been living there, he had the house completely to himself.  He set his stereo to slow jams that wasn't about love and enjoy his evening relaxing. He put on a classical song, and started to elegantly dance across the floor as if he was a lavender butterfly with blue and white petals floating around him. The company of himself dancing to this music brung tears to eyes. He spung, twirled, split and popped all over the living room, not realizing that Jordin walked in through the kitchen door, and was watching him through the reflection of the mirror. Drey couldn't see him, but Jordin had the perfect view of Drey and his excellent performance.

Lately by Tyrese, was the next song that played on the playlist, but Drey didn't notice, cause he was so stuck in the sounds of the orchestra. "Lately, Have I told you I love you" started to play and Jordin started to watch with intensity. Drey started to dance so sensual that it was a beautiful. When Tyrese hit the end of second chorus, the emotion of the song cause Drey to cry, and that moment of passion got to Jordin.

Drey started to swing left and right with the same motions of the violin, viola and cello. He could feel the notes pounding against his skin demanding him, his all.

Drey started to spin, and lost his balanced, and Jordin caught him. He lifted him up into  a circle, Drey so lost in the moment, drifted with him back and forth, closer and closer, back and forth, right to left, until their lips were touching.

His hands started to caress the back of wings. And his wings started to shink. Love was covered in a metallic gray and it slid down Drey throat, digesting it into his soul. The last tear he shed was the same of color of his soul.

Emilia walked in, and Jordin let go, and the room became dark.

Drey slipped into the black whole, as love float around him. Once again he was alone and angry that he let it happened. He saw all his jealousy float around him: The love of Emilia's interests, music, lust and love float around... then it snapped...

Jordin gripped Drey's arm and said... "In your life, you can block out love and take it away, and eliminate it from your purpose but in your dreams, you can't. See Drey, you can't fool your subconscious. You can't trick the heart or the mind when your sleeping. Drey, just let it come easy. Relax."

Drey looked around.

"Now, your alarm is about to sound, and you will awaken. Don't forget my words, and I'll see you in your dreams. While your "soulmate" looks for you, I fulfill your dreams... now rest...

Drey suddenly woke up, clutching his body pillow. He looked at his alarm. He sat up and tapped his computer to see "Lately by Tyrese"  playing on repeat. He wiped his face and tried to collect his thoughts. He dismissed his alarm, and got angry, so he closed his eyes, to finish the conversation with his subsciousness...

The End

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