She's a Little Crazy

After that dream, Drey went about his day with a change of attitude about his romance and love life, completely taking out of his thoughts, keeping his self busy so he didn't have to think about it. He didn't pay much attention to that dream until right before he went to sleep again. He closed his eyes...

Emilia and Drey were walking down the street and Emilia stopped infront of a house and started to scratch herself as if she had ticks. There were some angry people on the porch thinking she was making fun of them, because she started itching herself rapidly  when she got infront of their house. The oldest child, yelled at Emilia, "Are you calling us dirty?!" and Drey immediately said back, "No can't you see she's a little special. I'm sorry, she bugs out every twenty minutes." He pulled Emilia to corner away from the people.

"Are you trying to have us beat up?! I can't fight, I know you can't either."

"Well I'm sorry Drey, I had an itch and I couldn't reach it."

"Girl, you getting on my nerves."

"But you still love me, dont you?!"

"Yea, just get in the house," responded Drey.

They walked into the house, and walked into the living room.

"Yo Drey, I finally met the last housemate, Jordin." she said excited.

"Why are yo so excited?"

"He's soo cute. Yeah two white guys. I'm so blessed." They both laughed. "

Drey responded, "Well I'm happy for you!"

"Drey, are you still with this no-love thing?"

"Emilia, I don't want to talk about this." he said as he stormed to his room.

"Drama king" she whispered under her breathe.

"I'm not a drama king. I just don't want to hear about love like that right now." he said, then he shut the door.

Later that night.

Drey walked into the kitchen, cut the light on, grabbed a cup of water and walked into the living room. He jumped onto the couch with his elmo slippers, and turn the television on. He switched his phone on and started to text his bestfriends Andi & Tonie.

"Hey ladiez, Im bored, r u up?"

Drey missed his friends, it was the summer time, and it was the first time in a long time he was away from his girls. He couldn't wait to meet up with them to celebrate his 21st birthday, even though it passed.

"Hey stranger!"

Drey snapped out of his daze.

"You okay, Drey?" said Jordin.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just a little homesick."

"Oh, really. I was homesick for a while especially when I heard my first gun shot around here." They both laughed.

"Your so right. What made you move here?" said Drey.

"Oh I'm a student at Temple University, and its fifteen minutes away."

"Oh really, yeah I'm a student at University of the Arts, and thats like twenty-five minutes away from here, and the rent is pretty cheap. I'm doing an internship here, and hopefully this will be my final school."

"Drey, how old are you?" said Jordin.

"I turned 21 on May 20th, about last month."

"Congrats, I'm just 18."

"Thats okay. Your a freshman right."

"No, actually I'm a sophmore, I'm one year ahead of my schooling. You look like your sixteen."

Drey responded, "Yeah, I get that a lot, would you like to see my drivers license?"

"No, your fine.

They sat there for a couple of minutes, enjoying the program on the television, when the heard all of this noise.

"I will beat your ass, white girl." said a girl.

"Don't let my perkiness fool ya, I will throwdown if I have too." said Emilia.

Drey sighed. Jordin looked at the steps. " Should I go up there?"

"Nope, Emilia can handle herself" he said as he watched the tv.

Jordin turned as well, and then jumped up when he heard a loud sound of someone falling down the flight of steps.

"Oh my goodness!" said Jordin.

Drey got up slowly to see who fell. Emilia ran down the steps,and got in the girl's face. "Next time you slap me, I'll cut your throat," then she turned to Drey and Jordin. "Hey guys!" she said perky.

"Damn!" Jordin whispered as Emilia skipped up the steps.

"Yep, thats my crazy homie. Well on that note, it looks like a new room has opened up. I'm going to bed. Goodnite Jordin!"

Jordin laughed, as Drey went to his room. Drey laid down and closed his eyes.

The End

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