Dark Mysterious

He woke up to see himself running down the street with a girl that didnt look familiar.

"Emilia, come on" he said as they ran into a house.

Emilia grabbed his hand, and thanked him for a great night. She grabbed his hand and pulled him in the house.

"I can't believe we did it. We moved out of our parent's house, and got our own place!"

He looked at her, and responsed, "Yeah, but we live in the ghetto, with four other people in this house. At least I fit in, with me being black and all, and you being a white girl from the surburbs."

"Hey hey," she laughed, "I know this place looks bad, but it gives us time to save and move into a place better, and plus the landlord is only three years older than me, and he's cute."

"Well then go for it, just be careful, the black girls look mean, and probably don't want no white girl swooping up their hot landlord."

"Your right Drey! Always looking out for me. I love you homie, now I'm going to bed. Goodnight!"

"Goodnight Emilia." Drey said as he headed to his room.

Moments later.

Drey walked to the kitchen and ran into the only roommate he hasn't met yet.

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here." said Drey

"Oh your fine, I'm the weirdo sitting here in the dark." he said.

Drey laughed, "Hello I'm Drey, your new housemate."

"Oh hello Drey, I'm Jordin, nice meeting you!"

Jordin was a caucasian man, that kind of resemble a mix of Jesse McCartney and Randy Orton... interesting. He had a nose ring and a bar piercing in his ear. He had dirty blonde hair, with a great smile and pretty brown eyes.

Drey watched carefully as he watched him, this world felt so real to him, especially as he continue to watch himself interact with Jordin.

"Well I just came down here for a cup of water, thanks for the conversation, and your not a weirdo cause your thinking in the dark, it peaceful and mysterious in the dark. Goodnight"

Jordin laughed, "Thanks Drey, have a goodnite!"

Jordin watched Drey walk up the stairs, and grabbed the book that was on the table and ran up the stairs...

The End

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